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to ramble not gamble

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Tue, 30/05/2017 - 19:39



Here I am again attempting to stop this once and for all. Yesterday I spent a lot I was kidding myself it was a birthday treat but I craved the buz. I went to the casino and payed 77 pounds for a tourney, lost, then stayed at the casino for thirteen hours on cash table, lost, then went on slots lost, roulette lost, then got a lift home back at five am and couldn't sleep. Today is my 36th birthday and a present for myself is to read what I can do to myself if I put myself in these situations. Ive got good stable blocks in place just need to join casino exclusin program to complete the set. Ive written many diaries on here and this one will document my progress. My thoughts are very random, I go from never wanting to gamble to standing in front of a machine within ten minutes. I have the regret phase to go through first which as we know depends on the amount lost. I lost two hundred so I'm expecting this to last a week then I need my gaurd up.

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Wed, 31/05/2017 - 21:05


Before 2009

Don't give up giving up dude eventually something will stick , you maybe need to come to terms with it's an all or nothing addiction you're kind of past the point you can gamble on the things you want and the others will go away it's the poker that's keeping you on the roundabout.  Ask yourself is gambling a bit of fun for you? Why do you need it ? What will it give? And what does it take ? Is it worth living the life you live if you can have a better standard of life how do you get it ? Answers on a postcard to , take it easy and have a great one and belated birthday whishes dude