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won felt nothing gone  


Use £15 gambing cutting the long story short took a week got to £4000 an spent it all before that £3600 before that £2600 before that hey I can keep going but I won't I thought I stop gambling but then I just thought I try one more always one more I just cant stop no matter what I win I just want to keep playing I cant save have no more this is driving me crazy why do I have to keep spending an not saving , it just dont stopc alling me , I hear the voice you need to keep gambing dont stop an it fix me then it comes back again an I need a fix


Posted : 15th March 2020 7:54 pm

If you say you can or you can´t you are right in both. We are very good at labeling ourselves as something. I am an addict I am a drunk I am a smoker. I normally counter with this. Have you ever had to get out of your bed at night because you need to gamble? Most likely the answer would be no. So compare that with someone on heroin for an ex who has to get up to get that fix it will tell you that your body could handle time without gambling. You just need to start questioning that label you carry. I don't deserve the money I will never get out of this I will always be a gambler. Turn that now to I do deserve money. I will get out of this. I will stop gambling and be free of it.  Try recording those affirmations and listening to them before you go to sleep at night. 

Your brain is a computer. Fill it with the right code and it will start to work again. 

All the best


Posted : 16th March 2020 6:16 am

You can stop and need to change your mindset starting now.

You have been seeking a fix that is destroying you just like any problem substance user.

The next time you talk about is at the same odds with the same random gambling set against you. Its the most irresponsible thing to do with money and nobody is offering you a no brainer chance to make money.

The odds are that you will lose it and you have proved that you have no control anyway. Give it up...gambling isnt for you...its a mugs game...there is no system or easy methods. Its not a get it back later scheme and you have no control

You are already hooked and ill. You are already an addict and already "crazy" with it...its already done the job of hooking you.

Its a split mind disorder...part of you knows its a dangerous waste of time and money. The controlling part of you craves the adrenaline and dopamine.

The hit to the brain is as powerful as a class a drug if not worse in many ways because few understand its chemical powers to hook you.

You seem resigned to your fate like many heavy addicts but you can do the cold turkey and you can heal.

Are you ready to change or just sorry to be losing. Tell someone gamcare again...please get help.

We care about you and you life will be much better gamble free


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Posted : 16th March 2020 7:38 pm

Hard to read your post @cantstop2000 - clearly you are calling out for help.  Coming here is a great start - also, take it as gospel that you need to put up barriers to stop yourself: Gamblock and Sense are great.  Let us know if you need pointers or info on them.

Bottom line is you can start your recover here and now if you really want to,  Those voices telling you 'just one more' are lying to you: if you win the next bet you'll lose it on the next or the one after.  All those wins are just credit to lose again.

Keep in touch and good luck.


Posted : 16th March 2020 9:09 pm
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