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Why gamblig will never be your friend.  


Writing down some thoughts today.

In a perfect world, we would see through the mathematically calculated conditioning of our brain. We would not be stuck in a cognitive regret looking at reels spinning without winning. We would not be so depressed, not loving yourself or procrastinating and repeating the same actions just because you are on autopilot and will not allow yourself to think because you get bored or depressed by serotonin withdrawals in your brain.

We would walk away after 10 pounds or whatever fits your own pockets. We would actually see through the lie and say. "Hey, those machines are bent as hell and I can never win here". We would not buy into any self lies saying oh if I just spend another 100 pounds the machine will drop a bonus or a jackpot or whatever you may think you are entitled to. And that is the problem. We think we are entitled to wins and we think the casinos owe us something. That the casinos have an obligation to serve and help you with your problems. That gambling institutions are your friends.  BS!

They don't love you. You are just a statistic nr to them. Their job is to b****r you out of every penny you have by blinding you, brainwashing you and whatever it takes as long it is your money they get. 

Gambling is NOT your friend. The only win is not playing. No one will rescue you but YOU.

Start seeing Gambling as your enemy because that is what it is and you need to fight it to survive.




Posted : 15th May 2020 7:33 am

Hi c43h,

I believe I always saw the reality of what gambling was in terms of risk and likelihood of outcome but the fact that I continued regardless highlights that it's emotions/feelings vs rational thinking. Emotions and feelings drive all our behaviour so it's no surprise that rational thinking will not stop you long-term. 


Posted : 15th May 2020 5:32 pm
Mr Grumpy

Hi c43h

Your words were very well presented and I could fully relate. I have never concidered myself to have an adiction as ive always belived that its juet in peoples heads. However recently I have struggled to stay of them beliving i can lose. It was only this thinking that made me relise this addiction does exsist and decipte years geting myself into trouble though gambling my money away.

May be ive finally admitted to myself I need a little support. Just reading you comments related to me and allowed me to reach out for a bit if support. 


Stay safe

Posted : 15th May 2020 11:07 pm

Thank you both for the interesting feedback.

The more reality sets in the better one gets at the social distancing we all should be giving gambling institutions. You would not entrust thieves to give out any charity, would you? Well, that is what we do when we splash our money away on a casino. They program us to think it is fun because they have no other options. Goebbels once said if you tell people lies enough times they will believe them. He was right and many leaders know that. We have an obligation as addicts to wake up from our dormant state. We can sit around in the program they created for us or we can start to make our own. Tony Robbins once spoke to an Australian gambling addict in one of his shows and said. Change your state (Get out of your current bubble) and you will beat your addiction. If you say you can or you can't you are right in both statements. You must decide. You must act. If you sit around you won't change because you won't feel like it.

And start to love yourselves again. That is a huge incentive to achieve change.

All the best


Posted : 16th May 2020 1:20 pm
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