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Weekend Ahead  


Hi All 

Any tips for the weekend ahead? I have been gamble free since 31/05/20 but with English football coming back I am worried the temptation will be there. I have all the blocks and bans in place and haven't yet tried to find ways around them as gambling has not even been a thought. 

I am even going to try and not watch any of the games as I think that will also help but it will be difficult to avoid as will be everywhere




Posted : 19th June 2020 8:46 am

I would just try to rationalize what you are trying to do if you get the urge to bet this weekend on the football. Instead of concentrating on what you might (and I stress might) win, why not think about the consequences of not winning. If you lost, how would that make you feel? Could you cope with that loss without it ruining your weekend? Do you feel confident that if you lost you would leave it at that or do you have a concern that you would try to chase your losses and inevitably lose even more than you can afford to? If in general your answers to those questions indicate that you wouldn't cope well with losing your money... then best keep your wallet in your pocket this weekend.

As I am realizing more and more as each day goes by... why would we want to give some of our hard earned money to a faceless organisation this weekend who doesn't need it anyway.?

Posted : 19th June 2020 10:57 am

Do not look at the fixtures. Do not look at what time the games are on. Do not look to watch the games. Fill your time with something else. This is how I manage. I can actually watch football games now without gambling. But I used to look at the fixtures for the day as soon as I woke up. If you don't look at fixtures, you don't know what games are on, you don't gamble. At least it worked for me. Good luck.

Posted : 19th June 2020 4:24 pm

Definitely don't look at the odds. I used to do this even when not gambling. I would to go on odds comparison websites and see what the prices were. God knows why I did it? Force of habit maybe. But obviously no good can come from it. 

I watched the game last night and didn't have any issues. My rationale was that even if I had placed a bet and it won big, I likely wouldn't withdraw my winnings and the money I had won would probably be wasted away elsewhere. So I thankfully didn't feel any temptation.

Posted : 20th June 2020 9:48 am
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