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There’s always an opportunity to gamble  


I desperately need help. I’ve been a gambling addict for all my adult life. I’m 27 now. I live with my mum and step dad, they know about my problem, they’ve attempted to help.

I started gambling online on my own accounts, then in attempt to quit I closed them all and put a block on my devices. Then I would get the urge and heck the blocks off my laptop and open new sites and binge. Eventually I joined Gamstop. 

Then urges come, my mum let me open accounts (she’s a soft touch, she gives in easy for an easy life) then eventually we join Gamstop for her. 

They’ve took my money away but then gave it back. They’ve blocked devices then unblocked. I’ve even had friends let me gamble on their accounts.


where I’m at now

i have a laptop with a block and my mums too, me and my mum have an iPad each I recently unblocked mine she refuses to block hers, what’s the point in blocking mine when I can easily use hers n she won’t do much to stop me??

my phone is blocked, I have all my own money and nobody seems to look after it or restrict it at all, just give me whatever I ask for. And I have 1 friend left who lets me gamble on theirs.

what do I do? I’m desperate. No point locking my devices when I can just use other peoples despite telling them not to let me they do.

no point giving my money to anyone when they just give me any amount I ask for, 

no point in asking people not to let me use their accounts when they always say yes despite me asking them.

Posted : 17th August 2019 9:00 pm
Forum admin

Dear @lola0612 ,

Welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing your story. It seems that you are really trying to put things in place in order to stop gambling. While friends and family members are allowing your gambling to continue, it is making it more difficult for you to stop. Maybe your Mum would contact the helpline for some advice in how to support you more. We could chat to her about how she can help you limit your access to gambling money by taking control. It is something we highly recommend so maybe she just needs it explained in more detail. Your friends also need reminding how important it is they don't allow you to use their accounts. It is a tough one but if they knew how important it was to you, they may be more on board with it.

Also, you could try

this can be installed on up to three devices and it free for one year with the above link.


please keep posting and sharing with us here on the Forum. And remember the helpline is also available for you to talk to an adviser about your struggles. Please do not feel alone, we are here to help and support you.


All the very best

Forum Admin

Posted : 17th August 2019 10:11 pm

Hi Lola0612.

Are you ready for some tougher talking because I care about you

You need to firmly face how serious this is and how dangerous a gambling addiction is. Its extremely powerful and its complex.

At the moment you have NO blocks because you havent reached the born again moment of wanting serenity and relief from it all. Recovery is serenity and realising that you have not been in control of your own mind.

Those who let you gamble and give you money are not you understand that?

Im going to be blunt. Gambling is and will destroy you. It will kill you. This is no game and its not just about with being silly with money. Its a drug addiction as it works in the same way.

You need cold turkey and you need to start learning about what you are dealing with....your friends and family need to start learning because Im sorry but their actions are not helping you....they are harming you.

You are not currently ready to stop becaise the addiction has a strong hold over you. This is why you are asking for money and to borrow laptops.

Cold turkey and recovery means abstention and living on a sandwich allowance. Your addicted comfort zone hasnt hit rock bottom yet. When will that rock bottom be for you...Homelessness Court, total isolation because gambling has new lows all saved up in store for you.

You must stop! You are currently not ready to take the right steps. Can you handle these words because its about talking, acting and not running from it.

You know you are in deep deep trouble but your body craves a fix . Thats where you are right now. You talk like youve given up before you have started...thats understandable as we have been there.

It can be done. Im telling you that my life is infinately better gamble free. I have money and more importantly I have control over my life.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 18th August 2019 4:29 pm

if u do online gambling and have access to online cancel your debit/credit cards 

when u get the new card in the post get some1 else to open it and get them to scratch off the last 3 on the back 


can`t deposit then 


no online shopping either but worth if helping 



Posted : 18th August 2019 8:05 pm

Have you admitted to them you are a gambling addict?

Posted : 19th August 2019 6:37 am
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