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Today marks the 124th day gamble free for myself. I was forced into coming clean by my wife who asked far too many questions. She pushed at a time when I was in the worst of it. Tens of thousands of pounds of debt. That constant dread that the bills won't get paid. The thoughts of how to get through the next day.


I was lucky. She was there for me. But she also enabled me to be honest with myself and others. We quickly told family and friends. And most importantly spoke to step change who were fantastic. As we're all my creditors when I explained i had financial difficulties. 


Talking to gam care and after 12 over the ohone counselling sessions made me feel as though there were people to talk to and that things could be better 

I gave my wife financial control. Signed up to gamstop and haven't looked back. I guess everyone is different but gambling for me was the only way out of the hole That gambling had got me in to. It was a terrible spiral and I always ended up worse Than before despite some winning moments.


Step change set up a Debt management plan and I pay a certain amount a month and still have a bit left to do things with my family. And I can now go to work and know my very basic wage is enough to cover everything and not need to worry about bonuses and ovetime and I get to spend more time with my family. 


The reason for this post. If one other person gambles or has gambled for the same reason I have which is to fix the financial s**t storm they have got them selves in to through gambling then TALK TO SOMEONE. 


step change are great 

Gam care and krysallis are superb. 

Family and friends. Never judged me. They wanted to help.

I had gone so long convincing myself I would be disowned and chastised that I was blind to see how much my friends cared and my family loved me.


Talking to people really genuinely does help 



Posted : 6th October 2019 8:09 am

Keep up the good work Ste. 124 days is a fantastic achievement and it’s great to know that you have a supportive family and friends.

Have a good weekend 


Posted : 6th October 2019 9:26 am
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