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Stop before it's too late  


Advice anyone whos still gambling stop before you mess up everything and get trapped. 


I'm not currently working coz of health struggling money got in lots debt from gambling and I've pleaded for help from citizens advice last couple weeks to help me sort out council tax support and lots letters getting through post but they refusing to book me an appointment  as apprently they already closed my case I've told them I'm at wits end...I live alone getting all these letters. I have tried money advice service and turn 2 us who suggested citizens advice..have dmp with stepchange but no point if u can't pay them anything.

You may think a bank loan or gamble here or there might help but it will all catch up with you.

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Posted : 13th August 2019 4:52 pm

Oh Lou, I'm keeping myself to myself at the moment because I feel like everyone is against me but I do come on and read posts, your post stopped me in my tracks. Please talk to someone, gp, gamcare, mental health worker,Samaritans, anyone, just please don't do anything silly. Don't end your life over debts, they can be sorted. I know the struggle, and to be honest I'm being a hypocrite telling you not to do it, when I'm feeling exactly the same..but for completely different reasons. I promise you one day you will be debt free, if citizens advice have closed your case, ask them to open a new one. You can email council tax yourself if you don't like talking on phone and ask for a form for council tax reduction to be sent to you. Can you put a claim in for esa? And housing benefit? Also you could apply for a discretionary loan depending were you live (you don't pay that back). I'm staying away from chatroom at moment but I will pop on tonight to see if your on and check your ok. Stay strong.


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Sorry to hear you're suffering. I know exactly how you feel. Don't do anything silly over debts. You can't pay what you haven't got. Step change were brilliant with me. Pay a £1 a week of you have to but pay something. I had £5000 debt and all I pay is £10 and £15 a month.  Go to the doctors, tell him you're feeling desperate, get a sick note, apply for ESA. Thing may seem bad right now but pretty soon, that dreaded feeling of hopelessness will pass. Speak to Gamcare, put some blocks in place because I know all about out of control gambling.


Posted : 13th August 2019 9:13 pm
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Hello LouLou,

Thank you for your post that warns others about problem gambling and debt.  Thanks as well to Stace and Stuart for their heartfelt and practical replies to your post.  We echo what they have said, and urge you to use your local support.  We have tried phoning you and we will try again.

Take care,

Forum admin.

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