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Self exclusion number 0800 294 2060 no answer  



Since football is back and physical betting shops are now open, my partner wanted to self exclude from the shops.  This was not his main method of gambling (online roulette was his main problem) but we thought it's best to self exclude from everything.  He has been calling the number for the past 4 days but no answer.  I also tried it myself.  I guess now the only way is to physically visit the local shops and self exclude that way? Unless others have other ideas...

Posted : 30th June 2020 10:34 am

Hi pep. I don't know about bookies etc I've only used gamstop for online gambling. Have you tried the gamcare number for advice on this or the live chat option on this page. Sorry you are problems setting things up hope you sort it. If he's a compulsive gambler then as many blocks in place as you can is the best.

Posted : 30th June 2020 11:08 am
Forum admin

Hi @pep1952,

it might also be useful to have a look at their website:

Unfortunately I can imagine they now have a flurry of calls so it is worth trying at different times of the day. 

They normally are open 8AM to Midnight 7 days a week, although these times might be slightly different due to COVID-19.

All the best,


Forum Admin

Posted : 30th June 2020 12:54 pm


At the moment they are working Monday to Friday 9-5 with a skeleton staff but they are definitely open.

They were closed either last week or over the weekend and the phones got left on by mistake which is why it may have rung without being answered.

Try again, it should be fine now.


Posted : 30th June 2020 1:03 pm

Thank you all.  I'll let him know so he can try again this afternoon.

@charlieboy Yes he has gamstop and it saved him from a relapse around 2 months ago!   He is 4 and a half months gamble free now. Other things he's doing is GA meetings twice weekly and exclusive Monzo banking that I have access to. All credit cards terminated and I check his credit report daily.  Always open to other suggestions of course.  All the best in your abstinence/recovery as well.


Posted : 30th June 2020 1:50 pm

Ty I'm doing ok 26 days today gamble free. Sounds like he's doing good full commitment doing everything he can. And you helping him and supporting him awesome well done and best wishes for a positive future. But don't forget yourself in this get help if you need it

Posted : 30th June 2020 3:03 pm


Done! Partner called them an hour ago, he will be sent an email re the self exclusion and he needs to send his photo.  Apparently it needs to be renewed every year. Partner knows I will need to see the confirmation email that he has been self-excluded. As the famous Russian proverb goes, trust but verify!

Thanks again all! Thanks @charlieboy  and well done on the 26 days! Fortunately I have a good support system myself xx


Posted : 30th June 2020 4:55 pm
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