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today i have made a big mistake and relapsed and lost £150. Im so angry with myself and disappointed why do i keep doing this to myself... need advice on how to stop gambling because im really struggling.


Posted : 29th June 2020 5:34 pm

Have you tried blocking kim? I've found it a gamechanger for me. I'm 25 days GF today at my worst gambled daily probably last 2 years . My husband found out so he is in charge of all finances now he's not going to trust me and I don't blame him I've lied cheated etc etc. Could you give your finances to someone ? I've come to terms that is a lifelong addiction. Hope you find a way to get back on track don't beat yourself up it won't help . Best wishes

Posted : 29th June 2020 6:25 pm

You're looking for help which is a positive, but i'll echo the above and try in the early stages to just rule out the possibility of gambling.

Gambling blocking software, relinquishing control of your finances and Gamstop are all effective means of doing so. 

Equally, now that gambling sites no longer accept credit cards, a credit card with a small cash withdrawal limit can be an effective means of control.

Where do you tend to gamble predominantly?

Posted : 29th June 2020 7:52 pm

Hi try not to be too hard on yourself, I tried and failed 3 times before I was ready to accept I couldn’t do this alone! I’m now 49 days gamble free and I have never felt so free! The way I have done it was using the blocking site gamstop- this has taken the urges away because I cannot physically gamble, I was honest with loved ones & husband and that was very hard but now the dust is settling it has been worth it, obviously my husband and I are still working through it but things are getting easier as time goes on! Also giving my husband financial control and sitting together and working out what we have coming out of our bank etc and having a book that we write any purchases down in so when we sit together we know what should be going in and out has made things easier. The last thing I would highly recommend is the gamchange CBT therapy course it’s free to sign up and you complete 1 module per week, then you have a phone call with a counsellor at a time and day that suits you each week, the modules do not take too long to complete either. The course can be found in self-help part of gamcare options, it has really made me sit and reflect about my behaviour and why I did gamble, what effect it had on my partner and loved ones and I’m now in the right mind frame and feel really positive. The other thing I would say is keep posting on the forum as this has really helped me keep going! I hope you find a way to succeed on your journey! Best wishes jadie

Posted : 29th June 2020 8:27 pm

Hi there

We all make mistakes and relapse but just remember it's an addiction and very hard to break, look at how you feel that proves that you don't want to gamble. Just start again one day at a time and put blocks in place so as if a relapse again the damage is limited. Good luck on the new start

Posted : 29th June 2020 10:59 pm

You can do this 

reset and I echo the great advise given by others 

Posted : 30th June 2020 12:40 am

do you want to stop gambling or do you just want to stop losing ? 

very important question you must ask yourself before starting a journey against gamling 

Posted : 30th June 2020 9:33 am

I want to stop gambling

Posted : 30th June 2020 2:16 pm
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