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Ready to change - but needing help.  



Im Missy, thanks for reading.

Ive been a problem online roulette gambler for about 4 years.  Im so ready to have this out of my life and move on. Im in so much debt but its only going to get worse while I keep chasing losses - even when I win I want more.


Things in my life are looking up, new relationship, new career... but I need to act now so I don't ruin it.  I will literally spend my last penny, sell things etc to gamble and I dont want to be that person anymore.


Is there a road through this?


I dont have anyone in my network I can talk to so please respectfully don't advise this.


I have a withdrawal pending (all the money I have) and i'm planning to self exclude once this comes through. 


Thanks again, any help appreciated. 

Posted : 8th November 2020 10:40 pm



You seem very committed to change so just follow through with it. Take that withdrawal and then self exclude.




Posted : 9th November 2020 9:19 pm

Hi, welcome, a great start, put the blocks in place, cut up credit cards, join gamstop, exclude from uk casines using sense program, phone exclusion line for bookies, when u go out just take cash no cards incase u go past bookies down the line, all these things will help when ur guard is down, at the moment it is raw and you see gambling as something you really dont want to do, this will change so when the urge does strike again be ready.  Just mainly get as far away from your money as u can..... give it to a loved one or just pay off as much of debts each month as you can then pay bills and take the months spending money out as cash a look after it wisely as you will know it will have to last you the month.  Once you have this money buy lots of food for the month or longer.  As gamblers we are skilled at survival, i know i am, but now a year lated of not gambling i have saved soo much money and still live a sensible life and money is not a problem at all, i dont even think about money stresses anymore.  Good luck.....are you missy elliot? only joking.....welcome to the forum i will keep an eye on this diary to see how ur getting on

Posted : 9th November 2020 9:36 pm
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