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Ok then I need help  


I gambled my money yesterday it was a dark day yesterday payday loans which I now need to sort out. My mum is behind me but I'm scared I need to change now

Posted : 18th October 2020 4:51 am
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Hello @megadawn,

Welcome to the forum.

Things seem dark and you're scared right now, but there is a way forward for you. This forum is very supportive and I'm sure the other users will reply to you soon offering whatever advice they can. If you have any questions or want to write a bit more about your situation that will give more to go on.

For now, I recommend contacting our advisers on the Helpline (0808 8020 133) or Netline (our webchat). They will listen to your situation non-judgmentally and help you make a plan of next steps. There's lots of support available and we can help to get you linked in with what you need. It's a 24 hour service, so please feel free to get in touch whenever you need.

Kind regards,

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Posted : 18th October 2020 5:53 am

Hi Megadawn.

I promise you that the darkness and fear will turn into a pride and serenity when you do a full recovery with all the help you can get.

Keep talking about it...tell us more and follow the tried and trusted advice.

With your mum on your side thats a great help but the journey starts with a born again moment and getting control of your money away from you..

While you start sorting your debts you need to be on a sandwich/petrol allowance. You can only pay what you can afford so some creditors may be forced to accept a pound a month... please get some advice from the CAB.

Why fear changing here? Gambling was destroying you..changing to gamble free is a very good change.

You need to stop will have a much better life gamble free Both you and your mum can never be complacent about this will both learn about this addiction as a drug addiction...knowledge and family support is strength!

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 18th October 2020 11:24 am


Payday loans are the evil of all evil, I’ve had many and more than all of them have been a result of gambling (or debts from gambling) Advice the debt may seem big, but as said above DO NOT IGNORE THEM. They will keep rising and rising (the interest rates are just crazy) The best thing to do is ring them and be honest; just say I cannot afford then payments if you cannot pay in full. I’ve done this with all of mine and they have to freeze the interest I believe? Which stops it going up and up. Then you can offer them a payment per month that you can afford.

As for the gambling, the first step to recovery is admitting you need help. My mum and dad (Dad didn’t really shout, my mum did, that was just lack of understanding) You’ve got this, I’m 1 month and 18 days in now.
Just take one day at a time.


Posted : 18th October 2020 7:45 pm

Thank you with my mum's help I've paid them back I just owe her the money now I'm determined this time to make a change and not gamble again

Posted : 19th October 2020 4:26 am

Ok but please draw up an agreement on paper, sign it and pay your mum back regularly and on time

It gives you a focus on pride and your mum also has to understand that she needs to keep an eye on your money.

One of the most dangerous trigger points is feeling you have taken the immediate pressure off so no harm in another little gamble ( cos the addicted brain is thinking it could all come right and you can pay everyone off now the decks are clear)

Its a horrible addiction waiting to have another go at you. Its doesnt go away with the click of the fingers. You will need to be monitored for a long time yet

So as long as you all realise that, I wish you well and it can be done with the right help and support

All the best


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Posted : 19th October 2020 8:51 am
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