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Not gambled or deposited for 3 days…


Might be nothin for most but prob the longest I’ve gone for months…funny, I haven’t missed it at all. Big test this weekend! 

im just sat here, content. Long May it continue and hope Monday I can say I got through Saturday! 


Topic starter Posted : 11th May 2022 5:43 pm


Any days gambling free are good , how are you getting on , i hope still going strong. Im on day 33 now, i know my first weekend i feared as it was the easter one, but you know what keep busy and you can do it.

Posted : 13th May 2022 12:31 pm

Rather than the weekend be a big test for you, why don’t you take the power out of it? Give over access to your money or put on whatever blocks you can? You mentioned deposit, so if it’s online sign up to Gamstop and put a gambling ban on your bank account?

You’ll feel better for making a change rather than rely on willpower alone.


Posted : 13th May 2022 9:06 pm
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