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Hi all,

so, almost 250 days gf and I’ve had a wobble, thankfully I haven’t gambled but I came mighty close a few minutes ago!

this is not the first time this has happened, I can remember at least 2 other occasions where I almost gave in but just about resisted.

this might seem as a negative post, stating that the grip of this never really leaves you and you’ll be battling it for life, and essentially that is true, however what I’m getting at is that your support network is literally so important when dealing with this!

i am very lucky that my family is still around after what I’ve put them through, but they will never know how much they are keeping me from falling down just by being here. Be it a simple hug from the mrs when I look a bit down, walking past the fridge and seeing something my son drew at school, or a social media post Showing what I was doing this time 6 years ago, these are positive triggers and they work both ways.

if you ever feel like succumbing, train yourself to think of things that stop you, these moments are every bit as important as understanding the triggers that make you want to gamble.

I will never be free of this vice, it is with me for the rest of my days, however developing an understanding of this and keeping focus on why you’ve made the decision to stop is so important.

i could never say with 100% surety that I will never gamble again, but I will give myself the best possible chance of never gambling again every day, even writing these few words down has helped deal with the urge, and I implore everyone out there to take every single piece of help offered.

thanks for reading, this place is a godsend 👍

Posted : 17th November 2019 7:44 pm
Forum admin

Dear tryingtochange19

A very inspirational post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving guidance to others.

Clearly, you have made excellent progress - keep going !

Best Wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 17th November 2019 7:57 pm

Yes an excellent post and wise words.

Yes it may always reside in us to a point. I believe that level recedes but does not entirely vanish. Recovery is about turning that information into something positive.

So it is all about never being complacent. Its not Psycho babble and mumbo jumbo to say it goes deep into who we are an that has to be discussed in detail with partners and professionals. I have always been vunerable to it and that takes some understanding because I was totally controlled by those machines.

They were in effect a cry for help because I had to face up to my complexities and depression about life

I know what possible feelings and trigger points are for me. You would not want me lonely and stressed driving up and down the motorway for example. Any service station with those d**n things is a trigger point possibly waiting to happen.

I have healed...I see my gambling clearly for what it very simplistic terms a drug addiction, a mugs game or a scam.

I am actively trying to get credit companies and financial institutions to withdraw their twisted consent for gambling transactions

Best wishes to everyone on the forum

Posted : 17th November 2019 11:04 pm

yes I totally agree to this. When we have the thoughts of gambling we have to find our special thoughts that will be able to deal with the thought and put it to one side . My thoughts like you said will be ones of family and how I can help them thru life if I'm not gambling. Should I gamble I will put this help to one side and risk it, risk it!!!! For what? Absolutely nothing of worth just garuanteed stress and loneleness.

Posted : 18th November 2019 7:28 pm
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