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Messed up and lost rent money..  


Hi guys been a while since i been on here i went 180 days free from february and relapsed then 90 days free and now the past 2 days i blew all my rent and food money. I am unable to get a credit card and have no family to help me .. Please advice me on what to do now. I wanted to self destruct i felt awful with myself and used gambling and other addictions as a tool to feel even worse. Anybody been in same position or homeless from gambling share your stories.

Posted : 10th October 2019 2:33 pm

Last year I did the same. I gambled my rent money, bill money and food money. Food money that was supposed to get food for my 5 kids!! The guilt I felt afterwards was unbearable. I for the first time ever in my life had to use a food bank. I felt so ashamed. Are there food banks were you live, that's one option to be able to get some food so you at least don't go hungry.

As for rent money,  do you live in a private rented property or a housing association property?  If it's private,  speak to your landlord, explain you've had some problems and is there a plan you can come to, to pay back the missed rent payment.  If it's housing associations property, they are pretty understanding  as long as this isn't something that happens often, they should let you set up a payment plan to pay of the rent payment you missed by paying a but extra on top of your next rent payments. 

Also depending were you live you can apply for a discretionary payment. It's a payment to help people in a crisis,  you don't pay it back and it's for things like gas, electric  and food.  Think it's only available  in Wales but not 100% on that. 

Hope you manage to sort things.



Posted : 10th October 2019 3:24 pm

Stay strong buddy and Dont give up! I’d talk to your landlord and any creditors you have and manage their expectations on what you can manage to pay going forward, better to let them know earlier rather  than later. I blew all my rent on roulette last year and spent the whole night crying in bed thinking of the worst outcomes. However after signing up to Gamstop and self excluding from all UK casinos I talked to all my creditors and landlord and worked out a repayment plan. The next few months were tough but I managed to get through it. 

Posted : 10th October 2019 7:43 pm

I am privately renting. 

thanks for your responses so far it is very comforting knowing this as i have many things that could happen running in my head and i just hope for best. what is the best thing to say to landlord?

Posted : 11th October 2019 5:56 am

Well I guess it depends on what sort of relationship you have with your landlord. If your landlord is just a name on a contract then I probably wouldn't say anything about addiction, but say that you have issues with being paid from work, working less hours or unexpectedly got paid less than thought cos the tax man took more or something similar and then state when you will be paying the rent and how and when you will start to clear the arrears. Keep things vague, keep it business like.

If you know your landlord and you have some sort of friendship... then you could just be open and honest and say it as it is... you can work something out together.

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Posted : 11th October 2019 4:48 pm
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