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Loss of discipline  


Hi, not sure if I am in right place.  I logged in to an online casino and I lost money on the Saturday.  I stopped due to my bank declining my cards.  On Sunday, I deposited more money and then I finished up.  Not sure what happened to me.   I just hate losing.  I will chase the loss which is dangerous.  Any advice from anyone as to how to deal with a loss?  Or am I in the wrong place?  Chasing a loss was stupid, but I am glad I did.  Am I a bad person?

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Posted : 20th September 2021 11:56 am

My advice is to stop completely because there is no such thing as discipline when it comes to the chemistry in our brains involving gambling… Having experienced a terrible loss in the last month, and hitting rock bottom- I realised the only way to be completely free from this is to stop completely and begin a gamble free life. The end isn’t really the end, it’s a path to a new beginning where you can discover a new life having not to worry about a loss again, or never experiencing the feeling you are feeling right now. I too once thought I had discipline, and a system that I follow that proved me wrong in the long run. For your own sake, I really hope you consider stopping completely and focus on other things that are fulfilling and can make you much happier. I can tell you, it certainly isn’t winning at gambling. They are all temporary, coz winning will only make you want more.

Posted : 21st September 2021 2:18 pm

Chasing losses seems rational at the time but that's when you know that gambling has successfully hijacked your brain chemistry. That's the same as any drug, you're chasing the dragon but you can't quite catch it, and losing your money in the meantime!

Winning back your money is probably one of the most powerful lures in gambling because it tells you that 'it can be done'. But in reality, for each time you successfully win your money, your chances of repeating the act are pretty low. In the end, you will just lose. You might recover some lost funds, but you will lose them again. Until you fully break the cycle, the cycle will continue to extract your money. It's as simple as that really, once you're posting on this site, there is no real way back to 'discipline' and 'moderation'. 

Posted : 14th October 2021 1:00 am
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