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lockdown & football betting  


had issues with gambling for years but really taken steps in the last few years to cut off avenues like banning from all casinos and stuff like that 

i have been doing well to be honest had a couple of blips this year but managed to work through all of them but jesus these lockdowns are destroying my mental strength 

i am finding it really difficult to motivate myself to do anything other than watch & bet on football at the moment 

ive been punting and watching games pretty much since friday evening and done about £120 quid in not mega money but definitely more than just a bit of fun its doing my head in and now ive just cancelled all my sport subscriptions because i am just sick of watching & trying to predict outcomes 

need to find something more productive to do with my time than shouting at players and refs on the tv

this f***g tory government though w*f are they doing the country is in one hell of a mess for this virus thats been massively over exaggerated people are losing their minds in these lockdowns and their livlihoods nobody wants them !








Posted : 8th November 2020 7:28 pm

swop to netflix, loads to watch on there, put all blocks in place starting with gamstop, then when u go to town just take cash no cards then if u end up in betting shop down the line u can only lose what u have on u.  all the best and welcome.

Posted : 8th November 2020 9:39 pm
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