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Ive Developed An Addiction And Have A Problem With The New Casino Live Dealer Games  

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Hello Guys,

Im  a new member who has developed an addiction and have a problem with the new casino live dealer games. For some reason I find these games really addictive.

I joined the casino site 4 months ago at the end of April, I do tend to keep my stakes quite low but according to my account summary I have lost over £8000 in 4 months which is averaging at around £2000 a month which is alarming and the account summary just goes to show what a mugs game these games are and I know that really but ive developed a routine of starting a session at 9pm every night, drinking wine and then gambling for hours until 2am and then going bed and waking up the next day thinking about the money I have lost which is usually a few hundred a session.

I work online and have worked hard over the last few years to save up a substantial amount of money but since April work has slowed up because of the virus and I have more time on my hands so find myself gambling for hours every night and im worried if I can continue the way I am that I am going to blow all my savings which I should be using as a deposit for my first house. 

Ive thought about maybe setting a low deposit limit like £50 and then instead of betting £1 stakes bet 10 pence stakes instead so then I just play for entertainment type of thing and if I lose £20 betting 10p pence stakes then it will feel better than losing £200 betting £1 stakes as I have been doing. Does anyone have any experience with this strategy and does it work? 

Any advice much appreciated as concerned at the moment, ive already had a strong word with myself and think I need to take some action.









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Posted : 24th August 2020 8:05 pm


Hello. It's difficult to know exactly where you are with your problem as it may just be a combination of spare time and boredom which has led to you gambling a fair bit of money or is your addiction dragging you back online each evening?

In my experience, setting your stakes to a tenth of your normal stakes, although a good idea, I couldn't do as I got bored on the lower stakes and needed to bet bigger to potentially win bigger. Small stakes gave me no buzz or risk element and my bet sizes increased over time. Each time I went back I needed a bigger bet to get to the same feelings from my gambling. This in turn finally led to me just betting to get rid of my pot or balance so that I could then stop. I almost hated winning as it just kept me gambling for longer.

Complete abstaince for me is the only way and that's with regular GA meetings and having various blocks in place. It's cost me a lot in life to get to this point so hopefully you don't need to go through the misery that gambling can take you. Maybe just look at it as the cost of learning a lesson, but that's me, not you. If you choose to try smaller stakes please just remember to pop back here occasionally to remind yourself how you felt when it was "only" £8000. 


Posted : 24th August 2020 9:48 pm

Hello Chris,


Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed reply. While I am new here and I am certainly not new to gambling, this is just my current problem right now, overall during my life whilst having some big wins probably lost over 30,000 in total gambling on different things sports betting, slots etc.


I just got a really addiction right now to these new style casino live dealer games nd really don't want to be losing 2 grand a month on these things.


Currently trying smaller stakes and while I agree not getting the buzz its helping me to understand what a mugs game these are, im currently down £15 in one hour but on £1 stakes I was gambling at that would have been £150.  



Posted : 24th August 2020 10:01 pm

It will never stop mate.......just self-exclude online and you will find it such a relief. Trust me, just have a strong 10 minutes and do it and you will never regret it as the alternative is a problem lasting the rest of your life. Stop now and stop alcoholic can't just have a couple and stop and neither can a gambling addict.  Yu don't want to stop that is the problem....but you must! Don't wait just do me, I know exactly what you are going through, what you have done and what you will do if you don't stop while you can. This will ruin your life so act immediately.

Posted : 24th August 2020 10:57 pm

Thank you very Mickpa for your serious advice..

Posted : 24th August 2020 11:38 pm

Hi Jon39.

Am I right in assuming these online games you're talking about are the Mr Monopoly and Crazy Time gameshow types that have appeared in the last year or so ?

You're right in that they are very addictive. Brightly dressed chatty hosts with speedy games and lots of colourful CGI make these very seductive indeed.

Would add my support to the advice already given and exclude yourself from temptation.

Posted : 25th August 2020 2:45 pm


So dopamine is just a chemical. Yes it will make you lose focus on everything else but it is still a chemical that makes you feel excited and focused till you are out of money then you feel depressed because you are out of money. Then it all starts again when you get some new cash.  What is it for? Do you remember why you became addicted? Can you relate to that special feeling that anchored all of those things in place and sent you spinning? No, you are most likely not at all connected with what started it you are just recreating that emotion you got when you started. See here is the thing. If you can neutralise that emotion you are trying to replicate you are well on your way to another type of life because when your brain can not replicate that feeling anymore your neural pathway will be obsolete for that emotion and it will give you a new one wich most likely and hopefully will not include repeating your actions regarding gambling unless you chose another game to get addicted to.

A tip is to look up self-hypnosis tapes on youtube that address the subject but don't forget to talk to the wonderful staff who will help you on your rehab journey.




Posted : 25th August 2020 5:48 pm

Hey how do I self-exclude Myself from all online websites 

Posted : 25th August 2020 7:30 pm
Forum admin

Hello Jessied95

I note that you would like to know how to self exclude from online websites and suggest you give our Front Line Advisers a call on 0808 80 20 133. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year and can provide you with information and advice. 

Keep posting and take care of yourself


Forum Admin

Posted : 25th August 2020 8:25 pm

Hi Jon39 and welcome.

You know in your heart that its not an income scheme so you are either an action or escape gambler who has become addicted to what they offer.

Either way you are addicted to the act of gambling and the chemical surge it provides you. Problem is they design these things so you lose control and dont want to leave the "Party"

The result is your bank statement and the money you have chucked away in the name of a high. Only its not really an experience you can value your losses with. The gambling dens have a high when they buy their new yachts....thats why they offer you this temptation

It may be that you are stressed or depressed. The money plays a part of the hook but its not the main reason until you realise that you cant afford to chuck any of it away. Then you get into a vicious cycle of thinking one more go will make things right to break even and stop.

Once addicted deposit limits and lower stakes wont really work for you...its beyond all that. The addiction acts like a drug addiction and its like a smoker or alcoholic saying they are just going to have a little, lowstrength doesnt work like that.

You will still be in the gamblers world and the silly decisions made in a trance are only a short time will actively be remembering your losses and its not a get it back later scheme or get it back on low stakes scheme.

You need to reach out for help as you are doing and tell someone close if you can. You need the reality of trying to explain your losses. To a non gambler it will sound like scary nonsense and you really need that reality check.

They will begin to understand how addictions work and so will you. Abstention is the only way so please seek some help while your mind heals.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum


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Posted : 26th August 2020 5:05 pm

i second the advices given. You just need a hard stop!

Posted : 27th August 2020 3:44 pm

Hello Guys,

Yes Blackjack you are right on what you said. Lots of other people also seem to have problems with these games as well.

However good news since viewing my account history and total losses over the 4 month period I have not touched these games recently, not even bothered betting smaller stakes. Every I view the account summary it makes me realise what a mugs game these games are and just a drain on resources.

Thanks very much for all your inputs as it has helped to change my mindset and made me stay away from these mugs games.









Posted : 27th August 2020 9:07 pm

Google it...its very simple and can be done quickly. I've done it...thank God!

Posted : 28th August 2020 9:43 am

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I relapsed and have now lost further money to these games.

I am deeply concerned on these games to be honest as when you review the chat conversations and people saying the substantial amounts of money they have lost, one guy tonight said on chat he had lost his life savings in one month playing these games.

I just cant see how these games whichever way you bet pay a fair Rtp to the player, its just loss after loss.

Their reviews on trustpilot as well are very alarming.

Surely the gambling commission has to look into these games as a matter of urgency.




Posted : 5th September 2020 11:55 pm

Your last post seems to be blaming the site for not letting you win but you know thats how it works. You need to self exclude from everything now by registering with Gamstop for 5 years and putting a blocker on your devices. I have installed Betblocker for 5 years on my phone.

Only you can do this but if you really want to stop it has to be done, not halfhearted but full on.

Good luck

Posted : 6th September 2020 9:20 am
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