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It shouldn't be allowed.  


A few times recently I've been watching early evening TV and have started to pay an unhealthy amount of attention to the gambling advertising. The fun and friendly image of bingo "chat" and the eye catching and colourful visuals that awaken the senses. It would be my own stupidity if I'd been awake till gone midnight watching mindless TV and seen the commercials but this was from tea time onwards. I remember also a well-known bingo brand sponsoring a popular soap in the not to dim and distant past.

As the emotional and mental harm from gambling is now so well documented these days why is it OK for gambling companies to advertise before the "watershed"? The adverts skew the reality as what is perceived on screen as social and fun is anything but this in reality. We as people with a bad association with gambling know this, but we too were once non-gamblers and it's not good for anyone to be exposed to what seems a slowly increasing amount of these advertisements. No-one once knew the dangers of smoking but when they became common knowledge TV advertising was stopped. Now the potential psychological damage from gambling is known, TV advertising restrictions for Gambling companies should also be the norm.



Posted : 23rd February 2021 1:44 am

I agree, In Ireland there are so many gambling ads it is scarey! It's been put to governemnt to ban gambling ads or limit them Everyone sees them differently I jist feel ashamed when I see them which can only be a good thing since it would be the opposite of temptation. I believe one day they will be limited I hope I am right for everyones sake.

Posted : 23rd February 2021 8:08 am

I agree , there needs to be more controls on advertising, everywhere you go some bookmaker is in your face, i still love to watch my sport on tv , i realised i do still love it and like it just as much without money on it, but every advert is a bookmaker telling you odds and bonuses it's wrong, it makes me laugh though please gamble responsibly and how they sell the limits you can put on deposits, if you need to put a limit on your account it means you can't gamble responsibly.

Posted : 23rd February 2021 9:19 am
40 year old dad

i agree im so sick of the constant adverts and the sickening gamble responsibly and how they try to make out they actually care and dont want you to spend every last penny.For me its more annoying and makes slightly angry as doesnt make me want to be bet , the latter tbh.But for some this will genuinely trigger and tempt which what they trying to do , its actually a disgusting industry and think all gambling should be outlawed regardless  if have a problem or not.Put all these companies out of business , but the goverment get so much tax from thats why they been so lax for so long whilst cynically pretending care about preventing gambling harm and what can do families and deaths it causes.

Anyone can become addicted even ppl that now at min doing for fun , can change so quick ban all gambling and take this possibility away.I know this wont happen for many reasons , but it would be a great day if was all outlawed , shops also even though ive only done online.hope the goverment gambling review make real changes that make difference.So many fellow suffers on here ,its crazy needs addressing.

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Posted : 23rd February 2021 2:33 pm


You are absolutely right but you have to take it as a strong sign how little your government cares about you. The ASA are not fit for purpose in my opinion

Its an open scandal of monumental proportions and the gambling commission are now taking small steps to ban certain things like autoplay and ultra fast spins on slot machines. Something thay should have done decades ago! If its not a problem why are they doing that then?

If it was a bit of harmless entertainment why are the gambling commission getting twitchy and holding surveys for a review of the gambling act? The problem is staring them in the face so I refuse to accept that they don't know how dangerous it is

I firmly believe that is it was not taxed by the government it would all be illegal tomorrow. Smoking  was actually advertised as healthy not all that long ago and they are still freely available behind shutters. Kids are still aware of them and are still getting them...the delay to adults buying them is negligible. This is just paying lip service to a problem which still creates countless addicts and causes painful deaths. 

What you can do is build a strength through knowledge.... be proud of your ideals and write to the gambling commission and your mp. I admit that it seems a losing battle against these giants but we have to keep chipping away at them.

For a start there is no way those adverts represent the reality of gambling

Best wishes to everyone on the forum

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Posted : 23rd February 2021 3:07 pm
40 year old dad

Great points , and agree totally.And this isnt me blaming them i take responsibility as most fellow suffers do on here.But i stand by and believe all points raised by me and others in this thread.Rather than put all on us to gamble responsibly in nice softly way as if its not deadly.At least have a this will cause death warning on every advert which is reality even for ones who it just fun for now thats how we all started.And yes maybe they wont be addicts wouldnt wish it on everyone .But take the possibility away i say.Like tobacco does with death warning and health warning so should gambling adverts a big skull on screen saying this can kill you which it does.But the adverts are pathetic making out they care and please be careful .But as said above while taxes coming in , nothing will change so we have to protect ourselves with all that available including gamcare which does great job.

Posted : 23rd February 2021 4:06 pm

I’ve only noticed this since I’ve gone into recovery and it disgusting I think these advertisements could be a trigger for a gambling addict to start again it really should be stopped.

Posted : 23rd February 2021 5:56 pm
Posted by: xjaydee1x

I’ve only noticed this since I’ve gone into recovery and it disgusting I think these advertisements could be a trigger for a gambling addict to start again it really should be stopped.


Am watching a game that just started and counted FIVE ads in the 10 minutes before kick off for bookmakers.

Posted : 23rd February 2021 6:02 pm
Posted by: xjaydee1x

I’ve only noticed this since I’ve gone into recovery and it disgusting I think these advertisements could be a trigger for a gambling addict to start again it really should be stopped.

Yes they are, it happened to me a few months ago. I had stopped betting, saw an advert for a new casino I hadn't signed up to before and ended up losing a whole lot more...

I agree with all of the above - Gambling ads should not be allowed on TV, they are even in daytime TV too... at a minimum they should be restricted to a certain time eg after 9/10pm where anyone who doesn't want to see them can choose to switch off / turn over to Netflix or somewhere without commercials. As a problem gambler in the past, I do not want to see them. I don't think that I would get tempted anymore, but it is also a haunting memory of the past. I guess though it could be compared to showing alcohol/spirit adverts to a recovering alcoholic.. although I believe they are restricted to post-watershed times on TV?

Posted : 23rd February 2021 8:53 pm

I agree, gambling, tobacco and alcohol need to removed from advertising completely.

As a football fan you can’t get away from it, but the betting sites just keep saying ‘gamble responsibly’ and ‘when the fun stops, stop’ over and over... the tv channels don’t care because they are making money... sickening.

And when watching the live games, you see so many advertising boards promoting gambling and even the football shirt sponsorships! 

Posted : 23rd February 2021 11:27 pm

Thanks all for adding your opinions to my post. It was so interesting to read what people think.  I just don't understand why there seems to be a higher frequency of these Ads as of late and especially as someone else noted, during daytime,/evening viewing. 

I agree too that as long as the words "gamble responsibly" and "when the fun stops. stop" appear, the betting companies think they have done their "duty" but it's inadequate. In my opinion it should probably say  something like "Beware, gambling has the potential to cause serious  harm to your emotional and mental well-being and of those you love". Its a tragedy because we don't become problem gamblers overnight do we, there's stuff altering our mind over a period of time that's so subtle we aren't even aware - until we are. We don't take up gambling do we with the intent on becoming a problem gambler. Its like a form of "grooming." in some ways.

Post Covid I really hope ministers in parliament will come to realise just what a ticking timebomb they are sitting on.

Once again thank to everyone for their insightful replies.

All the best.





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Posted : 25th February 2021 1:21 am
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