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I'll play down till........  


Just having read a post on controlled gambling, I'd just like to ask if anyone finds the following familiar :-

Putting in £40 into a FOBT (or whatever amount) and setting the limit to that amount so you won't put anymore in, getting quite a bit ahead and then saying to yourself you'll cash out at £60 and then finding yourself carrying on until it's all gone.

Having set the limit on the FOBT, when it has gone move to another FOBT and repeat the exercise in an attempt to win back money lost on the first one.

Leaving the bookies to fetch more cash from cashpoint to lose it all and have a gut wrenching feeling on the way home as to how you can justify where the money has gone.

Winning quite a big win, taking it and thinking 'well gambling isn't too bad, I'm pretty good at it'

Gambling those winnings saying 'I'm playing with the Bookies money anyway'

Joining online casinos, playing £50 or whatever and then self excluding to try to make yourself feel better for a while

Searching for online casinos you've not self excluded yourself from

Anyone like to add anymore?

Posted : 15th January 2020 10:36 am

FOBT in my opinion are dying a slow and painful death 

i rarely if ever go to a bookies anymore but when i do the machines are empty

i remember there was a time when there was a Que out of the door for them

i think they've just about lost their appeal to most people as its almost impossible to win anything on them 

save your £40 and get a takeaway and a movie or something 




Posted : 15th January 2020 11:57 am

That is refreshing news @givemethebuzz 


Posted : 15th January 2020 12:40 pm
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