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I know the reason I fall back into gambling ....  


but I don’t know the reason I drink excessively.  Drinking came first.   One leads to the other for me.  I have gambled and drank from age of thirteen. I won £xxx at a racecourse on an outsider that won at 150-1.  My dad owned a pub so I always had access to alcohol.  And that combination somehow helped me to get to where I am now. 

I have a well paid job and a comfortable life - paid off a considerable gambling debt I amassed during intensive gambling a few years ago.  I should be set for a comfortable rest of my life BUT I seem to want to sabotage my own success and comfort and wellbeing .... it is so f****d up!

I gamble mostly when I drink excessively - it weakens my resolve - I know if I don’t drink I don’t gamble (it’s not always as clear cut a relationship but for big financial losses, it is absolutely the case).  If I don’t drink excessively I don’t gamble excessively.  

I don’t know why I drink excessively - well I know some of the reasons (addictive personality/insufficient self control - lack of care as to what might happen to me - stop the constant thinking and self analysis- stop the noise - get away from myself (as I also do through gambling)) but I don’t know the root cause or causes of it all.

I am guess that a clinical diagnosis would be that I am a high functioning alcoholic and like all such people you would never think I drank excessively if you met or worked with me - I have perfected the art of concealment. 

I have stopped drinking for 5 months a few years ago - it was relatively easy so although I drink excessively, I know that if I put my mind to it I can stop. 

The motivation to do so (like many things in life) is the issue. I have to somehow motivate myself to stop drinking which will help me avoid gambling excessively.  But what is the root case of all of this - I don’t think I will ever know so I will just have to get more self control.  Self control works well for me in the beginning but is not sustainable for me long term - for years and years so I have to find ways to manage myself better short term and long term - I can manage the short term 6-12 months so I don’t gamble or drink and can gain some enjoyment from my life - find some contentment. But what is my strategy for the longer term - I am going to find some counselling and stick with it for a year - even if it does cost me a fortune at least it will not be on drink or gambling.

Everyone has a different take on their particular situation but this is my way forward.  Let’s see how it goes.

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Posted : 19th August 2019 1:28 pm


The relationship between other addictions is an interesting one. I can go six months between cigarettes and consider that I drink in moderation.

Its all destressing and escape though. Since recovering from a gambling addiction I have a new respect and understanding for addiction.

I took a good long hard look at myself. The truth was less pretty than my delusions. I was jaded with life, always prone to bouts of depression. Lonely even though I have a few female friends. I have always been a dreamer but in truth have little ambition to build my life the hard/normal way.

Gambling has always been a shot in the arm for me since the age of 12. It was my drug of choice.

I can only say to you that you need to seperate the drinking and gambling by restricting the ability to gamble.If you know you can fall back into a problem you need to discuss blocks again with people close. Then if you are drinking it cant lead to gambling...then again how are you financing the drink so it is a cash access issue

I have the serenity to know I can never be complacent. Going drinking in the wrong environment or If im likely to suddenly feel down, lost or overexcited is a potential trigger point for me.

I have recovered for a good while but I wouldnt want to be wandering round a city with a few drinks in me feeling aimless ...I have the knowledge to know I could end up in a casino or arcade. Thats because I have the knowledge to face my mood swings from calm to lost to agitated to lonely and depressed...devil may care

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 19th August 2019 4:54 pm

Hi,  I used to drink alcohol, binge drink when partying, the odd couple of drinks in the week days, it wasn't a problem for me and I didn't think it was affecting me at all.  Last year I was told to stop drinking alcohol for health reasons so I did and ive been on this site since 2015 as my main problem is gambling on poker, fruit machines in pubs.  Now as soon as I stopped drinking I stopped going in pubs (apart from atching the odd football game at the weekend) and I was able to stop the gambling altogether, this ive never been able to do.  Like you say for some people it just goes hand in hand.  I reckon when you stop drinking the gambling will stop with it.  This will help financially in a huge way, I used to spend at least half to three quarters of my wage on gambling, ciggerettes, alcohol etc and since ive stopped I practically don't spend anything.  I think youll be surprised how easy it is to stop but two three months down the line watch out as I became looking for a buzz that didn't exist without these things especially on nights before days off etc.  Unfortunately for us there is no way to do things sensibly we are feast or famine people my dad used to tell me.  

Posted : 19th August 2019 4:54 pm

I never needed drink to gamble, interesting 

Posted : 19th August 2019 7:10 pm
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