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I Feel Worthless  


Hi All,

Heard someone say recently " I feel worthless ". Life is a GIFT & most of us abused it by becoming addicted. No human life is worthless it's just addicts lose focus on how to appreciate it. Every life touches someone else's world for better or worse. So what we gonna do about it ?, continue to infect others with the pain or devastation or do something about it ?.  Recovery is a hard slog but if we can consider how our actions effect others, then we can also consider perhaps it's as much about the innocent victims we infect as it is about ourselves.



Posted : 23rd April 2021 11:12 pm

If this is aimed at me because i said that last night.

I agree with doing something about it and the way feeling and i am !

Bit unfair to say stop inflicting pain on others, noone intentionally ever means to do that same with the gambling noone choose to become and addict so we didnt abuse life we didnt realise that would happen when we started. I agree its about doing something about it.

But how do you no someone already isnt .



Posted : 24th April 2021 6:38 am

It wasn't aimed at you.

Posted : 24th April 2021 9:52 am

@slowlearner I completely disagree with your comments about feeling worthless and doing something about them. 

If someone says they feel worthless, it's not only because of an addiction. There's many reason why someone feels a certain way and it isn't as easy as just doing something about it. For a lot of long term compulsive gamblers the problem is a mental illness, and just because you might stop gambling doesn't change the fact that you may still feel a certain way. 
Should I feel on top of the world because I'm three years something off a bet or am I allowed to feel worthless too from time to time? How I feel and how I reacted may have changed but I can still feel worthless from time to time. The truth is I do today and I did yesterday and I probably will tomorrow. I don't gamble because of it now because I have an outlet in my Ga groups but I will still feel that my life is missing so many elements and I want to be happy too.


Posted : 24th April 2021 10:50 am

Okay no worries just coincidental then, just felt a bit personal as i had said that last night thats all.

Thankyou for sharing that Chris Uk helps to no others have experienced the same feelings in one way or another and have an understanding.

I agree you can do proactive things to change your situation such as stopping gambling and being in recovery and all though that of course does help mental health other feelings can still be there regardless.


Posted : 24th April 2021 11:17 am

Absolutely Chris. This is the only had thing I find about this site sometimes is that like social media people hide behind the keyboard. When you put out an inflammatory comment there is always someone it will resonate with and make them feel worse when they already having a bad day. I too still have days where I feel worthless but I find it easier to shake off now, but that's me....some people never get to that stage, people bare their souls on here and sometimes they don't want a reply they just want to get it off their chest. When people say they feel worthless I feel sad for them and I struggle to find the words to see if there is something I can say or do to make a difference, Slowlearner how do you feel when someone says they feel worthless? Do you feel for them that they feel that way? Or something else?

Posted : 24th April 2021 11:24 am

HI ,

i feel for anyone who feels that way, having had those feelings myself. My love feelings  & contributions I endeavor to make towards my loved ones make me feel worth something.


Posted : 24th April 2021 11:52 am

Hi Al,


I can see how these words can come across in so many different views I guess we all agree that addictions makes us feel that and even worse. "Do something  about it"...well, yes..that's  the ultimate goal for all ..but I not something  what just happens with a drop of a hat...which you know yourself. 


I remember clear as day when you yourself  told these words to me yonks ago on a chat. You had no hope back then. You clearly showed  despair  and pain. "I'm worthless "....just how difficult is to hear these words because you just feel helpless at a time. Finding hope again brings that little bit of drive to carry on and reach for that change..


I felt worthless  about a month ago. Really worthless.  I had therapist  at the time and even if I knew she gives her all to help me,I don't  think I had it in me to actually  help myself. Worthlessness spiralled to suicidal thoughts  which were very welcoming  at a time. When I wanted to put myself first and leave world  behind.  Leave my lil girl behind.  When I went to work and told ppl in need just how bad addiction is and signposted  them for the resources which can help, to come back home and grab bottle myself. That was strong emotion of worthlessness ..really strong.


Emotions are not something to mess about. They usually  comes in much we let them to take over leads the outcomes. I felt worthless  few days ago when had no energy even to spend time with little girl...however I didn't  push myself to the limit of ending  my life due to that emotion.  Not sure if it makes sense...I guess we have different levels of these emotions  and ultimately  have to be very careful when talking/advising others about them. We don't  know how much it takes for a person to reach that snapping  point. We all feel differently. 


I appreciate  the debate tho. It's good for this forum. We are  all doing our best to help ourselves  else  we wouldn't  be here? Doing what helps...this site and space to channel my thoughts  does it for me. ..but we are different  of course. 


Over and out as feel I am blabbing  now lol


Stay safe ok


S&B xx

Posted : 24th April 2021 4:19 pm

Hi San,

Thanks for your reply, & you're right I've felt worthless in the past. I'm simply saying through abstention I feel I've developed a sense of self worth & make no apologies for that. All lives matter & no-one's worthless. 


Kind Regards




Posted : 24th April 2021 5:11 pm

I feel everyone on here has high moments and low moments..... we get thru them all hopefully....  It's just ive found we have to be very careful what we say to people who are very low in their moments of need which is not allways easy as you may have just come into the conversation and not know how its going for that person etc....  I also find that its very easy at the end of a keyboard and not stood in front of someone to forget they are a real human being, judge them and be very rude, blunt not on purpose but as a rsult of the medium we are talking thru......


Lets all try our best to support people whatever they are feeling.


All the best adam xxx

Posted : 24th April 2021 6:35 pm

For anyone posting, or even reading them, on these forums is already on that road to recovery no matter how bumpy that road that be. There will always be stops signs, potholes and road bumps....eventually you will find the smooth newly laid road.... For anyone that feels worthless in that moment for whatever reason, remember the courage it takes to ask for help, is by no mean feat and i think it also proves that actually you will have a lot of self worth to be reaching out, and trying to find the right path...its just that in that moment you cant see it. Hx

Posted : 25th April 2021 11:14 pm

Hi all.

This is a very deep subject that is difficult to talk about without sounding twee or just telling someone to cheer up.

Gambling and depression work together and feed off each other. They have to be separated because gambling is not the answer to feeling good. Its sold as a drug of escape and will naturally attract people who are feeling empty, bored, worthless, unfulfilled or depressed. I would say a lot of depressed people start gambling and become hooked.

However this is an addiction that can hook millionaires so we have to be careful how we describe the links. I would say that everybody feels empty once in a while. Emotions ebb and flow and I can feel up and down in the space of a morning.

Its hard to tell a depressed person that they are a wonderful biological entity and there is something really positive to be gained from life. Its something they have to work through if they want to. A very depressed person will just see every comment as a crass attempt to say cheer up mate

We are fed constant images of people who  have everything and have it easy. Some of them don't seem to have done a days work in their lives. Life isn't fair but bitterness and jealousy will just eat a person up. Gambling is not the way to get there and the hugely long odds like the lottery are a pipe dream for 99.99% of people. I wasnt gambling for anything that would have made a difference...I was hooked on the act...the drug...the temporary escape from my mind

Im not going to skirt round the issues. Some people will say money isnt everything. In a spiritual sense that is true but when you cant pay the bills or even afford what you think you deserve, life can seem very hard. Cue drugs like smoking drinking and gambling which are only drugs of escape...very addictive and deregulated drugs of escape.

As we are on a gambling recovery site, I do know that my life is much better without gambling. I had an addiction which I now feel free from. 

I had to deal with what was immediately destroying me and leaving me with no food or rent money. Then and only then could I look at core issues like my depressive tendencies and try and look at life in a new way.

Best wishes to everyone on the forum

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Posted : 26th April 2021 12:16 am
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