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How to block a android phone  


Evening all , I reallt need to block my phone it has play store apps but nothing is coming up to get a full block on has anyone got any tips it's a big temptation i need erasing

Posted : 28th February 2017 6:41 pm
Forum admin

Hi spraggy2014,

It sounds like you have an iphone. If that's the case, you should delete all apps, including the app store. Then replace your current borwser with K9. This is an alternative borwser you can find on Google. It has child protection settings and it would block you form accessing gambling sites. It is important that you uninstall any other borwsers once you have K9 in place. Also, ask someone to set up the password for you.

A more drastic measure would be to ask you bank / credit card providers to remove your online banking facility so you can't do any online transanctions.

I hope tha thelps. Please, do contact an advisor if you are still struggling with gambling urges and you want to stop. Perhpas, you could benefit from counselling, which we do provide free of charge.

Best wishes,

Forum Admin

Posted : 10th March 2017 5:39 pm
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