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Our brains work like this.

Your brain is a server accumulating history on a disk.

Your current computer can only make sense of the present by going back in the past to collect data

Whatever you are running from in the present is, therefore, something that got you going in the past.

Gambling is recreating an emotion of the past.

It is what triggers you to repeat your behaviour. 

Your reward is dopamine. You get your high from this.

Your reward is short-lived and you will always need to do more of the same to get on with the high

So the more you gamble the more you will need to gamble to feel any kind of normal or escape or trance.

You are stuck in a trance loop. That means the same record will playback at you again and again.

The machines or roulette or bets are all formed in the same way. Losses overall combined with a very few wins

Because when you win you will synthesize your dopamine level so that you need to gamble even more next time to get the new high

This goes on and on.

In fact, once you start to accept that we are more computerised than we give ourselves credit for.

The more we start to understand that all this is is a syntax error that needs reprogramming.

It was NEVER about money NEVER about wins. It is depression. It is a syntax error and you need

to get it reprogramed.

That can be done here through CBT or outside by EFT fast tapping or NLP or Hypnosis. Just as long as you know what suits your program you can make the choice accordingly.

Just don't stay stuck in your program. Progress is change. So don't run back to your gambling just change your behaviour to it.




Posted : 12th September 2020 7:26 pm
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