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How do you cope mentally?  

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Thanks mate, yeah I tried Mitazapine for a bit I think it was 45mg too. Didn't get too much from it myself unfortunately I did get a good night sleep tho.

I was supposed to be at my parents as a bit of a stopgap when I lost my job as part of a career change, so the gambling started when I was already not great (and before that too). Basically because if I can throw all of my wage at this job while living at parents toward interest payments and debts, Stepchange advised that I can't do much else as creditors would be unlikely to accept lower payments (about **k debt). It's the interest though, as my debts aren't going down too much. They said if I move out then we can do a DMP, as then I can't afford the repayments. I don't know the repercussions of this tho, especially as some of these debts are recent. They advised to contact a money save forum instead.

But yeah, getting through each day is tough. I already had issues before gambling. Working the job at my parents is the only way to slowly pay it off but I'm concerned about how long I'll last.

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Posted : 11th August 2019 1:00 am
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