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How do I stop myself from gambling?


Hello all,


I am really trying to get on the straight and narrow and quiz gambling. I will go a month no problem then suddenly find myself on roulette once and just spiral until I’ve lost a lot of money and feel down.

any help would be really appreciated

Topic starter Posted : 30th December 2021 6:24 pm

How I stopped, you have to desperately want to stop, doing it yourself is for me impossible, what I did was join this site (when it was on a different platform) then I rang helpline, eventually with help and advice from a few fabulous people that were also on the journey, I went to gamstop via website, filled in the form. They sent my details to every gambling site and I think more embarrassment of being judged stopped me going on sites, but one night I wanted to check and I had a ban on a couple I tried, thank god.

 I also accepted the counselling. 

So, that was in place, didn't mean I couldn't buy a scratchcard or a lottery card, but then found out if I won big I'd not be able to cash it. 

So to stop yourself, you have to put yourself on stealth on all the sites, and if you go into bookies you also need to tell them to ban you.

Ring the helpline up tomorrow. 


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Posted : 31st December 2021 4:51 am

Thank you for your advice really appreciate it. I am going to speak with someone today and move forward !

Topic starter Posted : 31st December 2021 10:17 am

Good Morning Lewis,

I struggled  with addiction to roulette for many years. At my worst, I would  be playing several times a day including lunch time at work, on my way home from work and again later at night. I mainly gambled in secret. Often I would win, often I would lose. When I lost I could lose everything. I realised that roulette could take everything from me in the midst of a crazy losing streak when I am desperate and not thinking clearly.

For a few years I would stop for a month or so, maybe a few months but always went back to it.

Then, I came to Gamcare and briefly went to GA. I stopped for 4 years and all was great. I stupidly put a football bet on with a friend in a pub before going to the first game of a new season. That resulted in me returning to Roulette for about ten months then I knew I had to stop again after losing about 10k in a few hours. Since that day I’ve not gambled for 828 days which is 2.3 years.

Basic things worked for me at the start such as going to work without a bank card. I only carried a few pounds. No access to money meant I couldn’t gamble. This really works.

I was ready to quit. I felt beaten up by it. I’d had enough and I worried constantly about debt and hiding it.

G.A. helped at the beginning. I always felt good after a meeting. It definitely contributed but eventually I felt like I didn’t need it.

Ultimately, I have far more money now as a non gambler as I did in action. 

Basically, limit access to cash, seek support of some sort and believe in what you’re doing. The evidence will back up your belief in time. You’ll sleep better, worry less, pay off debt, enjoy simple pleasures, be aware of other endless benefits. You’ll probably feel healthier all round.

Gambling for a problem gambler is horrific. Make 2022 count for you. Make it the year you changed your life.


Posted : 31st December 2021 12:58 pm

Make it impossible to gamble . I live in a small town with two bookies which I am self excluded from . I cant gamble online either - no acess to last 3 on the debit card, cannot deposit. When I really want to gamble I mean ocasionally I can't. 

What do i do ? Buy a car to drive to the next town ? No, I want to stop for life so I dont gamble as I have no access to gambling anyway. It feels like my mind is slowly accepting that football/basketball scores do not have influence on my life and somehow I will have to live without a fortune I am suppousedly(according to my addicted mind) missing out on by not gambling

Posted : 31st December 2021 1:06 pm
Posted by: Lewisboe

Thank you for your advice really appreciate it. I am going to speak with someone today and move forward !

And what RR says above all that is possible, in 3 years I've saved £18k paid off debt, bought a car, even a very grown up thing as a funeral plan. I earn in wages £16k. I was always living to lose, the gamble demons take over and I'd sabotage myself. Like it tried to make me lose. I'd play £700 without blinking on slots, then losing and trying to win it back.

Only winner in gambling is the bookies. They get you addicted and then you are hooked. 

Definitely ring that helpline. 

Small steps. 


Posted : 31st December 2021 1:12 pm
Gerard G

There is an old joke about casino gambling: How do casino operators spot the cheaters in their casino? they look for anyone who has played for over an hour and is winning!

This actually isn't even a joke. There is something called the 'house edge' which means that statistically, over time, the house will come out ahead while the punters will come out behind. It is a mathematical formula. Imagine going into a boxing match and your opponent is a mathematical formula. How can you beat a formula? you can't. You should do what the others have suggested and get counseling and put blockers in place. Think positive and remain hopeful that you can recover from this addiction. Your life will be better once you say goodbye to gambling.


Posted : 31st December 2021 1:37 pm
Big time loser

I want to stop too, lost everything, I’m debt don’t even know how to come out of this problem. Feel shamed of myself, let my daughter down. Don’t have any good friends to speak to that won’t go out there to broadcast it. Feel lonely, somebody should help me please. I don’t have any motivation to go back to work either.

Posted : 4th January 2022 1:18 am
Forum admin

Hello  Big time loser

It is good to have you on our Forum; Please know that you are no longer  alone and you will find support and understanding here.

We have Advisers available 24/7 to help you through this.  You can contact an Adviser by calling our Helpline on 0800 8020 133 or using our LiveChat option.  I encourage you to reach out so we can discuss the best way forward for you.

Problem gambling is cunning, powerful and baffling and without help it is too much.  There is help and many others in Recovery will share their experience, strength and hope with you which will help you to identify and know that you can get through this - one day at a time.

We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime, please continue to post here on our Forum.



Forum Admin.


Posted : 4th January 2022 3:44 am

Thank you for your story. Now I know I'm not alone. How much time I had wasted on games.

Posted : 27th January 2022 10:50 am
Posted by: @reaskerolon

Thank you for your story. Now I know I'm not alone. How much time I had wasted on games.

The bookies didn't want to see me anymore.

Posted : 31st January 2022 11:41 am

The bookies didn't want to see me anymore. I started playing online games through my iPhone. You can see removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">this page mentions a ***** Casino review, where I played. You could tell I became obsessed with these games. I almost lost my family. Thanks again for the advice. I will reach out to customer service. I need to stop myself from visiting these sites. Maybe then I can breathe easy. I know I'm too much of a gambler, but I can't resist the temptation to gamble.

Posted : 1st February 2022 4:18 pm
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