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How do I stop gambling  


I am driving myself crazy , does anyone else find a way to gamble, no matter what I put in place to stop myself I always find a way. I can’t believe the lengths I go to 

Posted : 11th August 2019 11:31 am

For me it always comes down to my own personal yes/ No decision .i crave inner peace and know gambling will give me the exact opposite. So i made a decision to quit and i m happy 

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Posted : 12th August 2019 12:10 pm


I have been trying to work this one out for a long time. I have a very pro-active and sensible side to my personality. I strive to be a good person and try and have a place in society when I'm putting something back. Then there's the self-destructive side that is angry and hateful and f**k the world. I go through months of being sensible, not gambling, living a healthy life etc, then the wheels come off. Sometimes it's bouts of depression, sometimes it's boredom and lonliness I have a self-destructive side to my nature when times are bad and that causes me to gamble and to hell with everything. A shrink would say I have to put more energy into meeting new people and gaining new hobbies. When I attempt this I feel like I am a round peg in a square hole. I just find it hard to relate to people most of the time. It's frustrating because I try so hard to help myself but things just aren't  working out. If like me your moods are to blame maybe you should get some counseling? I've tried it, guess what? It didn't help. Maybe I just don't give things a decent try? Maybe that's not true, this year I completed a CBT course, it was useful to a degree. If it's boredom, try new things, there's a good website called 'Meet ups' which has lots of things to do in your town/city. If it's temptation, put the blocks in place like Gamban, Gamblock, self-exclusion etc. There's a helpline on here and a group chat. The most important thing is to never stop trying to beat this horrible addiction. I haven't gambled for almost a few days. I've put some blocks in place and feel a bit better.

All the best/


Posted : 12th August 2019 1:17 pm
Posted by: Janemac48

I am driving myself crazy , does anyone else find a way to gamble, no matter what I put in place to stop myself I always find a way. I can’t believe the lengths I go to 

Am in this position today its too easy, Even if i cant find a bookmakers because ive banned myself from them theirs 100s of casinos. Think its very sad most of the sites are all the same companys from the layout of the sites.

Posted : 12th August 2019 4:04 pm

Hi Jane, well I guess for a problem gambler, and that includes myself, that is the million dollar question.

People will offer various suggestions, theories, but the answer is going to be it depends,on the person, their situation,their willingness to accept change etc.

It is not just one day at a time, but that is where it starts. I went about 6 months last year, then for no reason other than I guess boredom, I started again and have been on and off, but my last bet was 2nd July 2019.

What I have done since is, tell people I have a problem, without shying away from it or cover up losses, be totally honest with myself, focus on trying to do something different,nice without wasting money on gambling.

Reflect on the damage, hurt I have caused, but more importantly tried to stay focus and true and not gamble. I have decided to post this reply having just watched panaroma, 


Posted : 12th August 2019 9:38 pm
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