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Harder to quit on a win  


Does anyone else find this?

I had done so well with no gambling for ages. I quit for over 100 days last year going into this year, slipped once and lost a few £100, had around 60 days gamble free then slipped again.

Now this slip I won about £200, did so much to protect myself and even so with just a few quid change on me had another slip a few days later and won £80.

By all means, I'm glad I didn't lose as I know that would be weeks of being severely depressed and drinking heavily, but winning just feels like it's even harder to stop because of that lure of the wins.

I am pretty much safe from online gambling as I am registered at Gamstop (I registered last year). It's those d**n pub fruitys and bookies now.

If I lost i'd be upset now, in bed depressed passing the time. With that win though its just making me even more tempted. I'm limiting my money even more now but does that buzz off the win fade like the loss of the money eventually fades?

Posted : 30th May 2019 4:15 pm

Hi... Yes I think it is harder to quit off a win... but like you suggest, the euphoria of the win will fade with time. Do something positive with your winnings. Regards.. S.A

Posted : 30th May 2019 5:54 pm

Hi sam301

welcome to the forum.

You will be confused because you are in the grip of an addiction. You talk about win on a gamcare forum. If gambling had anything to do with reliable wins we would all be on a tropical beach and this forum would not exist.

I feel you know what gambling has done to you overall. Thats why you are here.

You dont need it in your life and you need to block from all local dens.

Write down what its done to your bank balance. do you understand the odds because I can assure you its not an income scheme or a get it back later scheme

Even if something worthwhile came out once in a blue moon I think you know that you would give it all back and more in the next session. I threw away thousands every year and no "win" made a blind bit of difference to that

Compulsive gamblers are addicted to the drug of playing and its less about the money. If it was all about the money we would soon realise its a mugs game and stop doing it.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 30th May 2019 6:47 pm

Thanks for the posts and thanks for the detailed post joydivider. 

Overall I mean I've taken part in the trying to be gamble free 2019 post for this year and a few bits as I've been a member for a few years. 

Gambling is certainly always a loss regardless. You win, it goes back in, you lose, you lose. 

The recent slip was different to what I normally have happen. I don't believe I can win every time nor do I want to get back into gambling as it's always going to result in a loss. 


That's just what makes it harder this time as I'm not just battling with that low of gambling again, but the way it hooks people back in bigtime with a win that generates a buzz to play more until it's gone. 


Gonna put every single barrier up. 

Posted : 30th May 2019 7:40 pm

I quit on a win, but I had to spend that money as it was burning a hole in my pocket. If I hadn’t committed it all there and then (I booked a family holiday) I would have lost it the next morning.

its a bonkers illness isn’t it. 

The more I tell people i quit on a win,the more perverse it becomes. I have debts and could have partially paid them off with my win, but that would’ve created credit..,, and guess what I’d have done?

Theres only one winner and we all know it. If the money is burning a hole, get it spent or committed. I’m sure this isn’t the experts advice, but it’s what I did and it’s worked so far this year. 

All the best. Stay gamble free


Posted : 30th May 2019 11:12 pm


It is easy to think that winning money or getting some thing for nothing means we are successful.

The exact opposite we are cheating our self.

In the recovery program I would learn to understand the difference between a need and a want thing.

Yet it would require me to fist of all to abstain from my unhealthy addictions and unhealthy obsessions.

My unhealthy addictions and unhealthy obsessions were a way of me escaping people life and situations I could not cope with emotionally.

Because I was emotionally vulnerable I use to escape in so many ways possible.

Saying I have to was obsessive thinking.

Saying I want to or need to was a healthy way of thinking.

It is important to completely emotionally detached myself from all addictions and obsessions and to no longer focus on money lost or the adrenaline highs I use to experience.

At one time I use to think that I loved gambling, now today I understand that I was very confused in my addictions and obsessions.

The question is what is love, today it is about having healthy interactions with another person or a living creature.

For me to have healthy interactions with another person I needed to admit to myself that I had fears of emotional intimacy.

In time as my fears faded and reduced my trust started to grow.

Living in the pains and the fears of my past was not healthy.

Am I willing to be completely selfish in becoming healthy.

The addictions and obsessions were just symptoms that I was not a healthy person.

Please keep going to meetings, you will benefit from it in so many ways.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L


Dave of Beckenham

Posted : 31st May 2019 4:16 am
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