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Good Pawnbrokers?  


Anyone know any good Pawn Brokers? In the London area?

I want to sell some stuff to get my life back together (financially) and was wondering what are the best deals for electronic goods.

Posted : 7th February 2008 2:16 am

Well theres *******, who are a franchised pawn brokers all over the place.

However to get best price i would suggest putting your items on ******.

If they are video games or video game consoles these can be swapped for cash in ******** or game if they are recent.

Dvd's and cd's can usually be sold to some high street and market dealers.

Edited by GamCare Staff, mentions companies by name.

Posted : 7th February 2008 2:52 am
peter smith

If you want to sell your items without visiting pawn shop then you must try online pawnbroking. online Pawnbroking is the fast way to get instant money without visiting a pawn shop.You just need to fill the online application form and provide your contact details. Also the details of the item you wish to borrow against ans the amount you want as loan.They will email you for confirmation , the money will be transferred to your account.The recipt with a unique number will be given to you which help you to get your item back after giving the loan back to pawn broker.

Posted : 13th November 2014 6:35 am
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