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Gamstop will soon be a license requirement  


The below is part of a reply I received from the gambling commission

"Gamstop is due to be made a licence requirement in 2020 which will require all online operators licensed by the gambling commission to be registered with Gamstop."

Good news! 🙂


Posted : 14th January 2020 8:25 am
Lost and Found

Hi, thanks for this. It certainly is great news. As a CG, I had longed for something like Gamstop for years....I spent so much time self excluding, trying to control my addiction, only to constantly find new places to bet.

Yet when Gamstop first came out, I could feel the resistance. I had moaned about needing something like this for years, then when it was available, I could feel the addiction fighting with me and my desire to sign up. It took me another 2 months of delaying and a huge +£3,000 loss to sign up and I did so immediately following the loss before I even closed the laptop. 

Absolutely, the best thing I ever did. It removed my desire to seek out places to bet. In the early days, I still had a quick search but I would be stopped at every turn and if I did get through, they wouldn't pay me anyway if I won, so I didn't see the point in gambling any more. It extinguished those last few embers and now I am heading for a whole 2 years GF.

As a CG, you are always looking for openings and opportunities to bet. Gamstop is brilliant provided you are 100% honest with your sign up details and keep things up to date.

The worst thing for people is seeing ads for new sites that as a gambler, you know are unlikely to be part of the program. 

With a license requirement in place, this should really close any remaining gaps and flaws in the system.


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Posted : 14th January 2020 12:20 pm

The below is part of a reply I received from the gambling commission...

Regarding online casinos not registered with the Commission, any online casino that does not hold a licence with us would not be following the rules and regulations set out by us. Therefore most unregulated online casinos will not be registered with Gamstop and will not prevent a individuals registered with Gamstop from creating an account. All operators that hold a licence with us for gambling will be required to register with Gamstop.

Please be advised however that any online casino who offers their services to consumers based in Great Britain, is required to hold a licence with us. It is illegal to offer or advertise services to GB consumers without the relevant gambling licence.

Therefore folks, if your registered with Gamstop but come across an online casino you can still gamble at, then report them... cos they are breaking the law! 

Posted : 30th January 2020 8:46 am
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