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Gambling my life away.  



I havent been on here for a while now as I always convince myself I can do this on my own, I have tried options counselling and even attended GA meetings in the past which help me for a bit but this never lasts long and an always back gambling again heavily. Recently in lockdown I had no choice but to stop gambling as I have signed up to gamstop and all bookies were closed, in this time I payed off my debts and saved about £5000 which was amazing, as the bookies opened I slowly started putting little bets on, nearly lost the whole £5000 then had big win and got back all my money, this only gave me the urge to carry on and I am now lost all the money i saved, plus my £2500 overdraft and about £3000 spread across 12 different loan companies in the space of 3 or 4 months, it sickens me to come to the realisation I have lost roughly £12000 in that short space of time and still paying off my debts now. I need to sort this once and for all this time as I lost my family and my mental health is deteriating over this and I need help and would like to hear how people in a similar position to me have helped themselves overcome this horrible addiction. 

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Posted : 27th October 2020 12:38 pm
Forum admin

Hello sh1987

Welcome back to the Gamcare Forum, I'm so pleased you have rejoined us for support. 

It sounds as though you have really been on a roller coaster, especially since lock down. I very much hope you will receive great advice and encouragement from others using the Forum. 

In the meantime, please remember that our Advisers are here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. The telephone number is 0808 8020 133 and they are able to offer advice, support and perhaps options for treatment.

Please take care of yourself and keep posting

Best wishes


Forum Admin

Posted : 27th October 2020 9:18 pm

Welcome back to the forum. I’m heading back myself. Lockdown was bliss with all the bookies shut... similar nightmare to yourself as they reopened. Just highlights the difference between not gambling and being in active recovery. Two very different things. We both need to get back to active recovery as simply ‘not gambling’ is temporary. Everyday we need to actively recover and do something positive in recovery. Take care.

Posted : 27th October 2020 11:03 pm

Totally agree with you @change,  I definitely need to do it this time as its tearing my life apart, I know trying to do it on my own isn't gonna work so here I am. I'm felling optimistic at the moment, let's hope it lasts as I've felt this way many times before and have always ended up back at square one again somehow. I hope it all goes well for you too and take care

Posted : 28th October 2020 1:30 am


Thank you and yes it has been a rollercoaster of emotioms that's for sure and I will do, I think I really need the support at the moment. 

Posted : 28th October 2020 1:39 am


I have had the same experience although I have been gambling online during the last 5 months, not for long periods of time. Just an hour or two really a night mainly slots and live casino games and I also have lost around £12,000 during that time and around £15,000 this year through online gambling. 

I bet mainly relatively low stakes like £1 a spin but sometimes I find that in one hour online you can easily blow £200-£300 which is a lot of money for an average person.

I have stopped now as I put low deposit daily deposits limits in place and just for play entertainment on very low stakes which I stick to and sometimes because the stakes are low, I just think what is the point so I just don't bother playing. That works for me and sometimes when I lose £20 in an hour and laugh myself and get a weird kind of buzz and satisfaction thinking to myself that I have still had my hour of entertainment and it has only cost me £20 as opposed to costing me £200 like before.

All the best







Posted : 7th November 2020 7:54 pm
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