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Finding a way to bet

Pontefract Pigeon

Hi everyone, in January this year I used GamStop to stop my online Sports gambling. I selected 6 months and hadn’t bet for around 8 months. I then felt like I had beat my demons and could bet once a week and setting a deposit limit. Well yes, that has happened and I’m only spending money I can afford. The problem now is how I feel every week after my inevitably loses, it’s a feeling of disappointment in myself and regret for betting. I wish I could just bet for fun and move on but as many will know it’s not that easy. I’m not a daft person but can’t seem to be able to finally move away from betting. 

Topic starter Posted : 26th December 2021 7:50 pm

You done it for 8 month which shows you can do it for at least that amount of time. 

Not a bad start

Posted : 26th December 2021 8:31 pm

Hi, reading this you are a compulsive gambler and the only way to stop is to commit to the blockers for the maximum of 5 years. Deep down you probably know this but just can't take the step to block gambling completely. You say you only spend money you can afford but inevitably lose it every time so if you stopped just think what else you could do with that money.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but as a compulsive gambler I know if the blockers weren't there I would go back to gambling again. I would also recommend putting Gamban on your phone or what ever you gamble with and contacting your bank to put a block on gambling transactions.

You were gamble free for 8 months because of the blockers so you can do it for longer with the right blockers in place

Good luck 

Posted : 26th December 2021 10:14 pm
Gerard G

it's so hard. we all understand. Just do whatever it takes.

Posted : 27th December 2021 3:09 am
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