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I found a post today that was written to someone in diar need of support: 


Posted by: c43h
When you have a brain that is completely garbled with thoughts and ideas that make no sense you need to see that there is no sense in trying to figure it out. None. Why? because you won't figure it out right now.
At this stage, it is better to look at a very difficult problem as simply as possible.
1. Deal with depression. Go and talk to someone. We are flock animals. No one figured it out alone.
2. Money is UNIMPORTANT. It is just the tool for further addiction and no bills debts or accumulation
will solve the merry go round you are in atm. Let it go. Make it important later.
3. When one needs to solve the brain puzzle you need to take it one peal at the time. Break down that problem into bite chunks and address them.
4. When things are spinning out of control. Focus on your breathing. Become mindful of what is happening now
You need to see someone. Look up your closest resource and go and have a chat. If they don't work try and try again.
Gambling addiction is a repeat action of trained in behaviour. You can train yourself to do something else.
It is all about attitude to the problem. Make a choice and you will at some point do something else.
But you have to help yourself. It starts with you.
Good luck!

Posted : 7th December 2019 7:53 pm
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