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Fantastic Week



Well just the average day to some, usual took the dog to the park, me him, a tennis ball & launcher. This time last year there wasn't any snow. Got  him out of the car & as usual I take his lead off & launch the ball just as I did every day since the first day I took him out. Today's different because when I launch the ball, he grabs it then suddenly snow & ice make his teeth tingle & he drops it almost immediately. He's dancing around this tennis ball woofing & growling like it's teasing him. Grabs it for a second more carrying it towards me then repeats the same behaviour. Wonderful to see this wonderful beast, learn, feel new sensations and experience the 4 seasons we've all come to know. In the meantime thousands of others are pre occupied with odds on offer for whatever, footy, racing slots.

That's only one of the good things. Another forum member reaches out & acknowledges recent posts, a lass who's progress I follow generates such hope. A long lost member returns who gave me hope, wisdom & the strength to carry on when times were tough. He once told me to try & do 1 good deed every day & not be found out. I can honestly say I've tried. A fantastic correspondence from a man who started his journey on the edge of a railway track convinced he'd had enough. who's now fast approaching his 7th GF year.  Someone who's resisted for almost twice as long as I've managed to do. A wonderful lady who's considering residential gambling treatment.

I've grown from a solitary character cut off from reality for so long. I rounded off the day with a £14.95 3 course special at an Indian restaurant with my wonderful wife. Did I pay ?. Do me a favour I'm an OAP. Did she pay ?. Hell no the bail out days are long gone. So the perfect compromise, we paid half each. Good chat, about kids, grandchildren, hopes & aspirations & then came the question I once dreaded. " Have you been gambling ". Looked her straight in the eye & could honestly say NO.

Every day brings a new & wonderful feeling. 1st peace of mind, 2nd re-connecting with the real world. 3rd Seeing a massive loppy eared ball of wool turning into a lion cub. The list is endless, but each day is as much a  world of discovery for me as it is for Barney ( my retriever ). Tomorrow is another day.

Will I gamble come Monday ?. Here's the truth I DON'T KNOW  but I'll try & take the positives of today & use them in order to make Monday every bit as enjoyable as Sunday. I won't look at today & think I've cracked it. Come lunchtime I'll fill my shoulder bag with clean up bags, dog treats & a bottle of water & carry tennis ball with launcher in my car as another 1 and a  half or 2 hour adventure begins.

Still hovering on the edge of a cesspit. I'm one gamble away from a fall.




Topic starter Posted : 29th November 2021 12:55 am

Love reading your posts slow , 

such a kind soul with a heart of gold been a privilege to be part of journey , the odd jokes along the way cheer me up to 🥰

Posted : 29th November 2021 12:58 pm

Wow this is brilliant xxx adam

Posted : 29th November 2021 5:49 pm


Good morning Al a great post. 

Fresh air isn't it lovely! Something I lacked in when I spent all my hours cooped up in a bookies arcade or a casino 

Isn't it strange as a gambler all i was concerned about was money and now the best things in life that makes me feel good and I appreciate so much like fresh air are free!

I have call later I hope it goes well I will let you know how I get on.

Then tomorrow I'm off to see my hero Tyson 😁 I'm so excited but still having doubts that it maybe cancelled!If it is not to worry these things happen at the moment.

Something I have come to realize is yes I'm gamble free so far today but as you sayi can't guarantee I will be on Monday although I will try my best not to be.

Wishing you and all our forum friends a great gamble free day.

Take care 







Posted : 1st December 2021 10:35 am

Think I got that a bit wrong I mean I will try my best to be gamble free on Monday!


Posted : 1st December 2021 10:37 am
Boo radley

What a guy 🎄😘 boo

Posted : 6th December 2021 8:52 pm
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