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[Sticky] Facebook lotteries and raffles  

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Concerns have been raised about lotteries or raffles being promoted on social media such as Facebook, unfortunately some of these raffles and lotteries are unregulated and illegal.

Always be very vigilant and be careful to check you are not running or participating in an illegal lottery.

As per the Gambling act 2005 It is illegal to offer a lottery without the correct license or legal permission, even where it is intended to raise funds for a good cause.

The Gambling commission have seen a huge rise in people reporting such raffles and lotteries and the majority of these are not licenced by them. If someone intends to run a lottery or raffle on Facebook or anywhere else that will have ticket sales of more than £20,000 each month, or £250,000 in a calendar year they need to apply for a licence from the gambling commission.

It is a criminal offence to run an illegal lottery and people who do so could face prosecution.

Always check that the organisation running the lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission or registered with a local authority. You can check on the Gambling commission website by looking at their public register on their website.

If they say that the lottery or raffle is raising money for a charity you can check with the charity whether this is the case.

Facebook pages that are verified also have a blue tick on them, there are many unverified Facebook pages so always check for this.

if you are being asked to send payment via PayPal to an individual, or to an individual’s bank details, this is likely to be a fraudulent lottery.

Please visit the gambling commission page for more information and if you feel that you have been a victim of such a scam.

We have heard of cases where people are being harassed and intimidated by people running these lotteries and raffles and this is illegal. It is recommended that you deactivate your Facebook account and contact the gambling commission to report these matters.

We have also heard of cases where loan sharks are contacting people and involved in such scams online. More information about how to act if you feel that you are a victim of a loan shark can be found here.


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Posted : 19th September 2021 9:30 am

here here thanks for posting gamcare!!!! lets not pay aything even if we owe money to these loan sharks lets just close our facebook down..... i closed my facebook down as i was getting gambling adverts and no matter how i set my preferences even if each time i said i was offended by the adverts they would still come up later (facebook doesnt care its just about making money)......  I dont miss facebook at all.....Lets all stand against acebook with our footsteps by closing ours down, deleting all our data they have on us and not going back!!!!


Thank you gamcare for giving gamcare users more confidence on this issue i was worried for people on here.

Posted : 19th September 2021 2:26 pm

another news article with someone saying they get abuse on social media!!!! Just close it and don't use it!!!! Simple no problem. It's just madness people still use it all

Posted : 20th September 2021 6:44 pm
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