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Enjoying Football again  



I have been GF for 3 days now. The biggest issue i had gambling wise was putting bets on Football. I honestly could not remember the last time i watched a match without having a bet riding on it. I watched a game yesterday for the first time since a teenager (some 20 years ago) without a bet being placed. I found myself counting the corners, noting who had shots on targets etc etc. Basically the sort of things i used to bet on.

Has anyone else found themselves doing this and have they managed to fall back in love with the game without any gambling thoughts involved?




Posted : 6th January 2021 8:12 pm

I use to do football bets every night and play roulette every few days 

I can now watch football without wanting to bet I’m on day 3 also!!! So keep focus enjoy tonight’s match I’m actually enjoying watching without being on edge 

I’ve lost so much money I just want months to pass so I can be where I want to be 


block yourself on things maybe get someone looks after wages cause urges will come 


all best 

Posted : 6th January 2021 8:19 pm

Thanks mate. Good work yourself. Yeah its nice to think that regardless of the outcome or what happens in the match i have kept my money safe. 
All the best.

Posted : 6th January 2021 8:24 pm

Hi mate, I can’t fully relate on the football betting as it it never really appealed to me. But at one point I felt the same mainly on Sundays I’d always sit and watch the football and bet. So would lose a small amount. However, this is just an idea to keep you GF but enjoy the football. are you a part of a Fantasy Team with friends. We are in a league of 12 no money involved and it has really helped me steer away from betting on football and I actually enjoy picking my team for the week and seeing how it does. The thrill of having a good point week is great. I even watch games like WBA v Brighton which we all know are dull. I find occupying myself with this it helps me. BUT like I said this is just a thought and works for me. I wouldn’t want it to be a trigger to get you into the betting. But it’s a great deterrent for me and let’s me enjoy the football and still get a thrill for no risk.

Posted : 7th January 2021 2:34 am
Ayornu Manaseh

i want to be a part of ur games i,m intersted sir

Posted : 8th January 2021 2:09 am
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