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Digital Virtual Timed Lockbox for storing web filtering password  




I have installed a web filtering tool that blocks all access to gambling websites. I have created a password very complex so unless I see it directly or copy and paste it I can not write it from



Some of you might be aware that you can buy timed lockboxes that you can lock things inside and it unlocks after a certain period of days.


I would like to know if anyone knows if there is a digital equivalent of this.


I need an online tool that will keep safe my web filtering tool password and not allow me to access it for a certain period of time


I know I can just by the physical one and use that but I am asking for a digital virtual timed lockbox.


Thank you very much.



Posted : 14th November 2020 5:35 pm

Email ur password to a loved one then delete the message

Posted : 14th November 2020 10:39 pm

Hello Mike and welcome.

My gut reaction is that you need blocks with no access to any passwords. Its one password that you dont need because your focus should be on abstention for a long time meaning the rest of your life if you have been a compulsive gambler.

If you can tell people close please do so. You must reach out for help and there is no shame in admitting you have had a problem like countless others with this addiction.

What is the time period you are talking about. Recovery takes time for your mind to heal. Blocking software is just one tool in your box. Its not the most important tool for the job.

Your openness and honesty in a born again moment is the most important thing.  The Time Location Money triangle must be broken. Restricting access to money is extremely important so you cant do yourself any more damage especially in the early days of recovery.

Recovery takes very strong measures. I wouldn't worry about digital lock boxes and start learning about the power of the addiction as a drug addiction.

Im years into my recovery and I still report the state of my finances to my loved ones. My mind is much healthier and Im gamble free but I will never be complacent again.

Please keep talking it through on the forum. I dont know what tried and trusted advice you are following. I can assure you the addiction goes to the depths of your soul. Its far more complex than thinking you have the calm control to set up a digital lockbox for a matter of days.

Really someone else should set the password and you should never see it. The blocks should remain on your devices and they will need to monitor other things like your credit report. You will need to be talking through regularly if you are likely to try and break blocks or if you have any urges to gamble.

Tempation needs to be removed you understand? If you try and get round the blocks you really cant have access to computers.

Your mind heals when you do the cold turkey. Its not about being awkward or treating you like a baby........its about saving any quality of life you have left!

Best wishes from everyone on the forum


This post was modified 6 months ago by Joydivider
Posted : 14th November 2020 11:57 pm

There's always a way to get access to gambling sites or bookies if you really want to. I self-excluded from local bookies, so I drove a mile and had to self-exclude from those too, and then I drove a bit further and so on and so on. When I wanted to gamble I could always find a way!

I now have a 15 miles self-exclusion zone lol......its ridiculous......but its stops me 'just nipping out' and now, thankfully, I don't do it.  But the reason I don't do it isn't the distance, its because of the other measures that I also use - gamcare exclusions from all online gambling sites, no debit card, don't carry large amounts of cash and most importantly, I really really want to quite. THIS TIME!

Hiding passwords - why not simply put software on and self-exclude completely.  We are not strong enough to be trusted not to find a way to exclude, ban, sign up.  Hiding a password is not the answer as there is then a password to log you on and you don't want to be able to get on?!?

Whenever you get the urge to gamble click on this site and give someone advice about why they shouldn't be gambling....I find it works and helps me divert the gambling drive. 

It gives me peace from this terrible addiction which I hate with such a vengeance but I also love & miss it at times. 

Be strong always......good luck mate.

Posted : 16th November 2020 10:46 am
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