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My friend had started to rent a flat where the previous occupant had run off with huge debts including to the landlord.

The current occupant is being asked to provide lots of personal details to the debt collection company to prove they aren't the debtor which I personally think is a bit off.

It appears that one of the debts is to the Council or HMRC which allows the collection company to force entry to the property.

So, my question.... what due diligence do the debt collection company have to do to ensure that the debtor is still at the address before 'breaking down' the door? The court case etc was 6? months ago.

My interest in this is that having seen a copy of the threatening letters from the bailiffs I noted that they charge an arm and a leg to do absolutely anything.... like hand delivering the letters £155(?) etc etc

Can a person charge the debt collectors for providing the information that proves they aren't the debtor?

This sort of thing as you can tell gets on my goat!!!

Posted : 6th October 2019 9:44 am

All they would need to show is the front page of the tenancy agreement, thats it.  I hope you can find your answer here removed link ">scottishtrustdeed. co. uk

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Posted : 6th October 2019 11:25 am
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Hi Martha123,

Welcome and thank you for posting on the Forum.

We recommend that your friend seeks legal advice. Perhaps encourage your friend to contact Citizens Advice on 0344 411 1444. Your friend could also contact Step Change for general advice regarding the debt collectors on 0800 138 1111. Step Change also have some useful information on their website regarding debt collection, .

Although the debt has nothing to do with your friend, the information above could be useful to pass on to them.

All the best,

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Posted : 6th October 2019 11:36 am

If the debtor has gone, they have gone!!  End of. The next tenant is not liable for any previous debts and the bailiffs have no right of entry whatsoever.  PROVIDING you /they have a valid tenancy agreement with a visible start date and the previous tenant has actually moved out...(!)

Posted : 6th October 2019 8:34 pm

strange question

the debt belongs to the person not the property

your friend just needs to show the debt collectors proof of identity and as others have mentioned possibly the tenancy agreement if there is one


Posted : 7th October 2019 9:57 am

Creditor takes any legal action if the debtors didn't pay the amount within the time period. Debitors must know the debt collection process and the creditor's limit otherwise they can't be able to keep themselves from the creditor. debitors have notifications that are related to the particular loan sent by the creditors. If they ignore it then creditors have all rights to bring them to the court. 

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Posted : 14th February 2020 9:22 am
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