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Day 7,  


So this week has been really hard for many different reasons. My overall mental health has been really bad and I've been in a I've somehow managed though good stay on track with nor gambling. Unfortunately that leaves me too deal with all my s**t ive tried too escape. I'm exhausted and feeling hopeless. Battling with my thoughts and my addiction on top is really really hard and I'm having too fight too just keep myself from falling off the edge. I'm trying my best but it just doesn't feel good enough right now. I just feel consumed by everything. I just don't know what to do or how to help myself right now. Feel like my fight too not gamble too not give in too everything in my head is just feeling unbearable 

Posted : 27th April 2021 1:00 am

Really good job on the no gambling. Look into other avenues like i personally am for my mental health. The best thing you can do is reach out. Speak to people. We are all doing our best on here speaking to people and expressing our weaknesses and low points. Speaking her or via other avenues has helped me alot. Only  been on the forums for a day but have read and spoke to advisers online who have pointed me in the right direction. 

Posted : 27th April 2021 1:13 am
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