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Daily Mail Article States: More than 570,000 People Have Used A Bank Account Gambling Block.  


Just read the above article which states that every major bank now allows customers to block any payments from their bank accounts to gambling sites.

It states that there is a cooling off period of 24-48 hours if anyone wishes to cancel the gambling blocks on bank accounts. So it is impossible for anyone to gamble online when they get a sudden urge. It would have to be premeditated.

Should the compulsive gambler cancel the block, they would hopefully have come to their senses over the next 24-48 hours and be able to reinstate the block.


Surely that means that the online gambling problem is sorted.

Stephen x 


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Posted : 22nd March 2020 3:45 pm

well what can I say.

In my considered opinion no financial institution should allow any direct gambling transactions.

I just cant see how they can expect responsible use of money and allow gambling. Yes I know its a legal activity but thats the real issue which needs sorting.

Ive never understood how anybody can build a decent record for loans and overdrafts if they are clearly gambling.  It should be a giant red light and alarm bell. When the financial institutions start really caring about gambling activity and gambling addiction I think more will get sorted.

These transactions must drive the online industry and its got to be made harder to do. It might well help people and help save them from themselves...Ok Im not naive about this addiction but more regulation is better than less

Being a cash gambler didnt save me but you know what Im getting at.

Best wishes to everyone on the forum


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Posted : 22nd March 2020 4:14 pm

Hi Joydivider.

I have never gambled online so I suppose I am fortunate in that respect.

I read on the news that there is a virus on the loose which is not good but it was an absolute delight yesterday to see all the betting shops, casinos and arcades closed down.


Every cloud has a silver lining

Stephen x 

Posted : 22nd March 2020 4:35 pm

Good news that the banks are doing this and definitely another weapon in the blocking armoury but it does not stop people transferring money to electronic wallets like paypal and then gambling with money from there.

But if you sign up to Gamstop then it does not matter where the money is coming from. 

I have signed up to Gamstop, blocked gambling transactions from my bank account and got rid of my paypal account. Belts and braces but I would rather have too many obstacles in my way should I one day start getting urges than not enough. 

Posted : 23rd March 2020 2:17 pm

Yes I have often wondered why I never gambled online. In a way it was an alien concept I never wished to take on board

Its something to do with my fixed view that it was too much hassle to sign up, dont like distances of servers and they would never have paid out.  

I had what I was addicted to with the local bookies and arcades. Perhaps if it had all closed locally I would have gone online

I was also a secretive gambler in that I would not have liked the bank to know I was gambling. I would never have given my name in an arcade like I was ashamed of the whole thing but driven to do it. I would furtively approach the bookies counter with my eyes lowered. Im not a banter merchant and I knew it was me vs them. It was not a pleasant experience and I knew that when I was gambling. I didnt really enjoy being in there. I had to get to my machine and shut everything else out 

The bank must have known something was up with all my cash withdrawals with the maximum daily limit on two cards. It was good enough for me that they couldnt prove it but they are not daft

Im glad I didnt go online but Im not wishing to sound smug. It didnt save me from the thousands I chucked away

I think one of the key factors in regulating gambling is to register details. I would have hated that. Would I have stopped with more regulation. That's the question.  If it was less easy to approach a  machine I think it would have helped me come to my senses. I think some sort of fixed limit would have helped or maybe I would just have gone to another bookies down the road earlier than planned.

The huge conflict of interest is they dont make big profits by setting low  gambling limits

Best wishes to everyone on the forum



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Posted : 24th March 2020 7:07 pm

Thanks for your feedback Muststop & Joydivider.

An interesting point is that the Gambling Commision estimate there to be 340,000 problem gamblers in Great Britain whereas the banks say that 570,000 people have used a bank account gambling block.

The figures don't seem to match up!

Posted : 24th March 2020 7:35 pm


i am now 13 days gamble free and I was wondering how do I get my bank to block gambling transactions? 

also does GameStop block gambling for just me or is it the whole household as I live with friends and they gamble now and again and responsible so I don’t think it’s fair on them if I sign up to GameStop and it blocks them aswell or does it just block me. 

any info would help please. 

Posted : 28th March 2020 5:50 pm

@hendo092 hi hendo, welcome on board gamstop would just be for you not the whole house , once u sign up to that it stops all uk online betting , I’m not to sure how u do the bank as once I did gamstop it was enough to stop me gambling as I only did it online , I’m sure someone will be along soon to tell you how to put blocks on your bank account all the best , and well done on 13 days 😘

Posted : 28th March 2020 9:48 pm

Thank you @vinnie  

i did try and to gamstop but it’s kept telling me it couldn’t identify me. And there live chat wasn’t on so I will try again tomorrow. Things are looking better everyday since I have stopped gambling. I hope more people find this website and guidance I have had so far. 

Posted : 28th March 2020 10:43 pm

Hello Hendo. Hope you manage to get Gamstop arranged ok.

Congratulations on 13 days gamble free. That is excellent.

I am with Halifax bank and the gambling block has to be done with Online Banking.

At the bottom of the Banking Ap page I pressed MORE which brought up some options including CARD MANAGEMENT which needs to be pressed. This brings up more options including FREEZE GAMBLING which needs to be pressed. 

That was all it needed and only took a few seconds.



Posted : 28th March 2020 11:19 pm
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