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cryptocurrency problems  

40 year old dad

has anyone experience of gambling addiction relating to cryptocurrency and crypto casinos? Its has been massive part in downfall last year.But unlike usual gambling gamstop doesnt work and no blocks ?Im not saying this to try and trigger people or give anyone ideas but is real problem have and wonder if anyone also dealt with  or managed any blocks.Banks dont appear to have crypto blocks yet and gambling blocks dont cover it.Im thinking only way to have no access to internet at all?.

Posted : 22nd February 2021 2:38 pm

never heard of a "crypto casino " but it sounds very dodgy i would be incredibly surprised if they are regulated at all given the actual coins themselves aren't 

you need to be very careful using these types of sites as i suspect if you won they could just not pay-out and could easily disappear 

crypto on the whole is a bubble , a lot of people are buying something they don't understand because of FOMO and that is never a good sign 

cash out whilst you can is all i will say on the matter 



Posted : 23rd February 2021 9:28 am


Like above, never heard of a crypto casino but obviously trading and cryptocurrency will come under trading.

Having no access to the internet is one way but the other is tried and tested methods.

Time, place and money.

Take away one of those three things and you cannot gamble.

The easiest one to give away is money. Pass to your wife, not control but access. Be accountable for any money you have. That's assuming two things. You have a wife or partner and you have been honest about your problem.

Place. Well as you said the blocks don't seem to work yet on those sites so that's a difficult one at the moment.

Finally is time. A lot of people say that you should fill your time doing something else. I agree, but also think that time means being accountable for your time. For example, in normal times, if you were popping out to get some tea for the family, don't take two hours because you've gone in the bookies. If something takes 15 minutes, tell someone you'll be 15 minutes and check back in when you are only 15 minutes.

The other thing which doesn't involve any of these things is change. Change yourself and change the reasons you use gambling in whatever form as your escape. That either comes from GA and something like the 12 step program or a CBT course. That way it won't matter if you have money or time or a place to gamble, you won't want to, and if you want to, you'll have the skills and knowhow to not place a bet.

I hope that makes sense.



Posted : 23rd February 2021 9:44 am

I have a tremendous amount of experience in gambling currencies, Oil, indices etc with CFD's spready betting etc. I found that gamblock did work for me in that it stopped me accessing those sites for one year while I had the subscription.  I eventually got a new computer and busted. I would definitely have traded in crypto had that been a thing during my gambling career.  All I can suggest is get the software and get yourself to a GA meeting.  All the best mate

Posted : 23rd February 2021 10:56 am
Forum admin

Hi 40 year old dad

Thanks for posting about your struggles with gambling on crypto. It's true that services like Gamstop and bank merchant blocking don't cover crypto but some blocking software may be able to do this - it is worth reaching out to the customer service support at the various apps we list on our website:

Although Bank merchant blocking doesn't cover crypto at the moment, you may find it helpful to consider getting someone you trust to help you manage your finances.

As others have said, one tool which can help with any type of gambling problem is to get some treatment, whether that's a 12 step group or the 1:1 or group treatment we offer at GamCare. Why not give us a call on 0808 8020 133 or contact our Livechat to discuss the options? We can help you explore options for controlling your finances, dealing with gambling urges, and getting treatment.

Best wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 23rd February 2021 11:35 am
40 year old dad

hi all thanks so much for all your advice and agree with it all.Ive actually been going to ga again weekly for last few months religiously off own back , back in 2014 when went last a had good few years of abstinencei  just went because thought had to . Also back then , unlike now.I fully accept i am a complusive gambler and through bitter experience how quick can get you even if gf 4 or 5 years.Tbh i did have financial blocks in place , i stole from wife by tricking her to transfer money on phone app savings and bill money.All my money is payed into her account , so i dont have any access to money.But as i found out , we lie and decieve and no block for that.Just counselling , beacon calling me next mon and ga.Alas i was warned back in 2014 its progessive and i didnt take the advice back then.I shudder to think damage may of course if gambled constantly since 2014 and not just  last year , prob not just some savings but debt and prob prison or stealing.But i see it for what is know and what i am , i guess that positive?. Stealing from my wife is my rock bottom , everyone different some have to lose everything.I will if carry on that much i do know, just for to day i wont gamble.

Thanks again chris ,slo , max and finally admin. Thanks also for reminder of triangle do remember this , i had the financial block in place as had to lie/deceive to get over it , the time and access was a lapse and complacency and  realise this. But without money we cant gamble which didnt have myself or access i did something thought never would and very ashamed.Last 8 years been rollercoaster, i want off for good.Please anyone that reads this if been gf 1 month or 10 years ,im proof you can never ever let guard down.The i am addiction poem i read today is highly powerful and true, ive saved it.


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Posted : 23rd February 2021 1:58 pm
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