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I'm quite sad as I sit here and write this but it's a fresh warning of the dangers of gambling getting out of control. It won't happen to me, and I'm not as bad as that, or I would never do that are often phrases that get said by those who just don't see the dangers of compulsive gambling but yet here sit some of us having done some truly terrible things in the name of an obsession or addiction, or mental problem. You choose which description of compulsive gambling that you're more comfortable with but the outcome is the same.

My reason for being sad is I've been to court today to see one of my fellow GA members get sent to prison for 28 months. I've been on the other side of this so I know what happens to the now prisoner, but seeing a wife left without a husband, a baby spending her second/third year without her dad, a mother and father without their son for a year and a company being out of pocket for a vast sum of money just shows how many people are affected. It's just made me really sad that despite all the good work in recovery and being over a year clean for my GA friend still meant that the sentence is a punishment rather than about rehabilitation.

I know this isn't an isolated case and there will be many more, but if this shows one person that this illness, for it is an illness, will never stop until it has taken everything from you then it will have served its purpose.

The only way to stop it taking everything is to decide that today you have had enough and not let it beat you. You cannot beat it, but you can put it away for one day at a time. So please sign up to Gamstop, call the advisers and talk through your problems or find a GA meeting and get help now. Not tomorrow, not later, but do it while you're feeling strong and have decided that you have had enough of this addiction running your life.


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Posted : 28th September 2020 6:10 pm

Hi Chris . Thank- you for sharing that, that's you isn't it still thinking to help others when you feel sad yourself. It is indeed a very stark reminder of the harm addiction does and how the fallout goes on and on. Recovery is not a thing given to us when we decide to stop gambling we have to earn it by putting in the hard work . This addiction of ours can come with a price tag much bigger than money your friend proves it to us and we should all beware. I hope your friends hard work in recovery gives him some resilience for the months ahead, there but for the grace of God go us all. Compulsive gambling may not for all of us end in criminal convictions but  we still have committed crimes against our families and loved ones. I'm nearly 4 months gamble free and I will fight till my last breath to stay that is better. Best wishes to you Chris

Posted : 28th September 2020 7:26 pm

Thank you very much for posting this Chris, Your recent posts have been very touching and I decided a few days ago enough is enough for me.

Posted : 29th September 2020 9:30 am

Thanks @charlieboy. You are right, not everyone goes down the criminal route and I know when it's on us nothing else matters, but when it's not on us then it's a good time to remind ourselves of our loved ones and the impact our actions have on them. Financially obviously but the hurt that we cause. Reflection like this isn't a bad thing dragging up the past but a reminder for us of those we need to make amends to. Even saying sorry is sometimes amends enough.

Thanks too @frogman


Posted : 29th September 2020 5:35 pm
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