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Hi folks. Anyone wanting to self exclude from the bookies try this. They are great and talk you through what to do. I have phoneD up on a few occasions and added extra bookies that i had forgotton about. They are really helpful and friendly. I have now self excluded from over 60 outlets so i now have to travel some distance if i want to bet in a betting shop. Doing it this way was better for me as it meant i didnt have to go up to the counter with a photo in numerous premises. They ask you to send a digital photo and send out all the self exclusion stuff to the bookies. If your thinking of doing this then take a look at google maps like i did and try to write down everywhere you know their is a bookies in your area and also further afield. It is has really helped me. Ive self excluded for a year and once that runs out i shall renew it. Has anyone else done this and heard of these folks. IF YOUR SERIOUS ABOUT QUITTING GAMBLING THEN GIVE THEM A CALL ON 0800 294 2060. ITS WORKING FOR ME. As for online gambling i dont do that myself but their is gamstop. So with all these measures you can put in place YOU CAN BEAT THIS ADDICTION. 

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Posted : 8th November 2019 3:10 pm

Yes iv'e done it and over time iv'e excluded from close to a hundred bookmakers. Its a useful tool but be under no illusion that if you really want to gamble you will. I have gambled in bookmakers that am excluded from and the staff have done nothing and iv'e gambled in others and been through out almost immediately. It works best with your local bookmakers where staff may know you. The only sure way to stop yourself gambling is not to have access to the money. No money- no gambling.

Posted : 8th November 2019 7:29 pm
Changing habit

I agree NO MONEY NO GAMBLE. I have been In some and they don't  challenge In the past. 

Posted : 8th November 2019 10:04 pm

Thank you for sharing your advice. I am pleased to hear it is working for you. x

Posted : 8th November 2019 11:28 pm

Changing habits correct

 No money- no gambling.


Simple As

Best Wishes



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Posted : 9th November 2019 12:01 am
No problem

Surprised that some bookmakers dont challenge you if you have gone to the trouble to self exclude. You should test it out and record yourself going in and playing machines or putting a bet on and then tell the staff member you are excluded and then tell them you have it recorded. Surely they cannot get away with that. Surely they are told to look the the self excluded pictures if they dont recognise someone. As for me their are so many bookies about and self excluding using this number has really helped. As I say you dont need to take photos in and feel embarrassedans it's all done over the phone. Glad to see a few bookies near me have closed and hopefully more to come. Couldn't care less about peoples jobs. They shouldn't do the job in the first place and the amount of times I have been nearly in tears and feeling terrible after long bookies sessions and not one staff member has come over to speak with me. Sod them they deserve to lose their jobs. 

Posted : 9th November 2019 1:21 pm
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