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Back years later  


Hi all,

I used to have a profile on here years ago (changed username) and things were fine until recently. I used Gamstop and blocked access to all casinos/betting sites but I didnt realise that only applied to the UK. 
This week i set up a new account outside of the UK. Deposited. Won. Lost. Then walked away, which is great. But what isnt great is how out of control I was, how wreckless. At one point I had dropped to I was prepared to lose it all on a three figure spin on roulette. 
I have withdrawn and closed the account and wont be doing that again. But its so scary how quickly things can change. 
Another issue I have is scratchcards! You cant go in to a shop nowadays without them glaring at you, all nice and shiny! But they are just as bad as wasting cash in the bookies or online but not frowned upon as much. 
One other thing I was amazed by was the online casino couldnt care less that I was who I said I was when depositing but as soon as it came to withdrawing winnings to verify I was who I said I was they wanted;

Copy of front and back of debit card with all numbers blocked other than last 4. 
Copy of proof of address. 
Copy of ID. 
Screenshot of deposit leaving my bank account. 
Photo of me holding my ID. 

Funny how they didnt need all this for me to spend the money. 

Anyway just checking in after several years of being out of touch. 

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Posted : 24th August 2019 8:38 pm

Not great, what triggered the gambling?

Posted : 25th August 2019 5:14 am
Forum admin

Hello Trevs2019

Sorry to hear you've had a lapse. Hope you're back on track now.

It's true that Gamstop will only cover websites which are registered with the UK Gambling Commission, and at this point, not all of those are registered. If you're looking for a way to stop yourself gambling on sites that aren't covered by Gamstop, you might find blocking software a good option. We can get you a copy of Gamban blocking software free for 12 months on up to 3 devices - Just give us a call on the HelpLine 0808 8020 133 or chat to us on the NetLine, and we'll give you a link to get the software for free. 

For more about blocking software visit our website:

Keep posting,

Forum Admin

Posted : 25th August 2019 8:48 am
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