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Always finding a way to gamble...  


Okay so i am an addict, ive been addicted to online gambling since i was 18, im now 31, its always football betting, never anything else, but the reason i made this post is because i always find a way to gamble and i hate it, as a gambling addict you get good at working out ways to gamble, you get sneaky, you get clever, you get smart. so like for example. when i first knew i had a problem i took the first basic steps and closed down all my online betting accounts. however as many of you know, this is not enough as there are new bookmakers opening every single day.  secondly then i self excluded from all betting sites. This was not enough. thirdly then i found out about gamstop, signed up to it, and it actually helped for once. i couldnt now register with anymore online bookies so i stopped gambling for a while. however I wanted to fill the need to gamble, i found more loopholes in the system.  I lost all my money again. so the next step, when i realised i was going down a bad road again, i self excluded from all these bookmakers. and things were okay for a while however, what i found is, these new bookmakers do not really care about a persons addiction. after 2 months, i tried to log in and almost all of them had removed my self exclusion. even though the self exclusion was meant to be permanent. and i lost all my money again. this has happened many times. ive told each of them i have a serious gambling addiction. please close my account forever, and they close it. but after a period of weeks/months i can log back in..its a terrible cycle.  also another way i found around things is, im with lloyds bank. i asked lloyds if there are any ways they can block my debit card for making transactions to betting sites, but they said they don't offer this option. at best all i can do is freeze my card for a few days. but that's obviously not that affective. also i attempted at switching banks with a different bank. one that blocks all gambling transactions. however ive been turned down by them all, due to how bad my credit rating is. so yeah this is my story, basically how tough this addiction really is, and how when you get the urge to gamble, you find a way, its so sad really and depressing, and none of these companies, bookies, banks, etc. seem to truly yeah as of this moment, i haven't found a true/real solution to stop me gambling. and willpower alone probably is not enough, but I'm giving it a good go. its only been 2 days since I've not gambled, but i guess that's 2 days is better than 0.  i would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

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Posted : 10th January 2021 1:12 pm
Forum admin

Hello Adam, 

Well done for reaching out on the forum today. I can see how frustrating it has been for you to put these blocks in place and not have the long term solutions you were hoping for. Especially when you are feeling let down by the companies you have self excluded with. 

I am sure that there will be many people here on the forum that can relate to your situation and will be able to give you some great advice. 

I just wanted to tell you that there is support available to you through our helpline. Our advisers can go through the blocks you have in place now and maybe suggest some others that you haven't tried. They can also offer you free one to one treatment that could help you find a way through this. You can contact them on 0808 8020 133 or by using the Livechat option. 

Please carry on posting here on the forum, you are not alone.


Forum Admin.

Posted : 10th January 2021 10:20 pm

thank you rebecca 🙂

Posted : 10th January 2021 10:48 pm
Lou x

Hi welcome to the site..have you tried monzo and starling online banks at all rather than the regular high street banks ? They are great for gamblers and offer the blocks. 

Have you considered any therapy to change your thoughts around gambling i recommend the gamechanhe course gamcare do which is online modules for ccbt.

You mention you have gamstop..self exclusion is you have gamban ? This is free blocking software which could also help.

Well done on your 2 days..write down the pros of gambling vs the cons and effects each cause..i soon realised the cons outweighed the pros

Lou x






Posted : 10th January 2021 10:54 pm

Thanks so much for all the advice! i do have gamban. 

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Posted : 11th January 2021 12:15 am

the cons for sure outweigh the pro's, even on the odd occasions that you make a little money from betting, i always put it back on to more bets anyways so you never truly win

Posted : 11th January 2021 12:22 pm

Hi AadamK and welcome to the forum.

Yes you will always find a way to gamble until you are ready to begin the true test with strong foundations.

You need to bring it closer to home and tell people who can monitor and help you. You need your access to money time and locations restricted. You need to be so open and honest in a born again have to cry out for help and start to learn about the power of something that controls your mind. It should scare you and you should be humbled by something you dont fully understand yet

This is not an addiction you can beat with your willpower alone. Your "willpower" has set up half hearted blocks when deep down you know that they are not really going to dont want them to work because your addiction doesnt want them to work and your addiction controls you

It was never a game about a silly flutter. Its extremely addictive and it kills people!

You will have to do the cold turkey even if that feels forced upon you. the addiction will cower when it knows the fight is really on and you will rattle as you heal..It doesnt have to be too bad if you get your mind in the right place and talk it through.......You will heal with the right help.

You are still in a semi comfort zone...there needs to be a rock bottom moment when you have simply had enough and will seek ALL the help never to do it again. Make this your moment because its got deep new lows in store for you on the spiral to hell

Gambling is not and was never the answer to what you are seeking. You have to face life and your view of life. You can make it better and enjoy some simple pleasures in life.

Gambling is a mugs game and a tax on hope. You dont need it in your life and you wont miss it when you are thinking straight again. Nobody wants to hand you free money...its a lie and all the risk was with wasnt even a fair challenge that made them you understand? They didnt care about you, whatever happened and knew on balance they would get your money. You have been ignoring the odds to feel a drug of escape

They also know that it hooks people fast and makes addicts out of them...Thats what they bank on and they dont care about the misery it causes.

The tried and trusted solutions are there...who have you told..who can restrict your money? Who can make sure your gadgets are blocked and monitored,,,who has been round with you to make sure you are excluded. who will know what you are up to? I would stop you and know exactly what you have been up need somebody like that in your life.

Who are you afraid of letting down again because you need reality checks one after another until the addiction realises you are not a good host for it

Go to a GA meeting, pour the tea and face the humility of seeing the past present and future you there...Phone Gamcare again and  see what they can set up for you...Tell people for there is no are one of millions with this addiction.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 11th January 2021 2:51 pm
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