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80 days around the World...gamble-free...without realising!  


A warm hello to whoever may be reading this forum today.

I have just finished another online gambling counselling session and I wanted to share with others a few updates.

Today is Day 80 since I last my surprise. Not because I I didn't believe I'd get this far again, but simply because I forgot about counting since around Day 50. This wasn't as such a conscious choice to stop counting, but more-so a result of feeling familiar with completing day after day gamble free.

Whilst I certainly believe it's potentially a great sign that if I'm not counting like I was at the start of my journey then perhaps I'm not thinking about it anymore - but actually my surprise to acknowledge I've completed 30 days without realising is also a gentle reminder that I shouldn't take each day for granted like before I even began this recovery journey.

This moment has reminded me that whilst I am becoming a lot stronger in my new habits, I shouldn't forget to still appreciate and celebrate each day that passes as a success for not choosing to gamble again. As many other recovering addicts have shared their experiences with me..."You're only ever one bet away from starting again." and they are completely right. Merging this advice with my experience of losing track of days gone-by has served as a pleasant reminder to celebrate each day as it passes still, no matter whether it's Day 1, Day 80 or even Day 500.


Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this blog, and to anyone out there early on in their recovery like me remember to feel proud that you can reach the end of the day without gambling.

Posted : 7th June 2021 1:22 pm

Great to hear how well your doing in recovery Azza 

Well done on 80 days ! 

Lou x

Posted : 8th June 2021 8:58 pm

Azza! I wondered where you were and how you are doing as I’ve not seen you in chat at all? I’m really glad to see you’re doing mighty fine! I just have three words to say - Well done you xxx

Posted : 11th June 2021 1:40 pm
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