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25 days gamble free  


Installing GAMSTOP for 6 months was the best thing I have ever done. I struggled and struggled to make my next payday (which is today), and 90% of that has already gone towards bills and debts, but it was so important for me not to create extra debt. I played poker recreationally and really enjoyed it as I would enjoy a video game so it sucks that I had to give that up, but not sports betting has lead me to be a much healthier person mentally, physically and emotionally. My GAMTOP block will expire in January so I have many months of reflection and what the next steps for me will be. By December 2020, my debts will be significantly less & by June 2021 I expect to have cleared all my debts except an overdraft of 350.

I’m taking it one step at a time but I just need help with one thing.. I’m 20, nearly 21, and have lost thousands. I lost money I was given to me by relatives that passed away, I took out over 60 payday loans, I have borrowed money from family members, I crippled my credit score, I thought I could be a professional sports bettor (lol) so I didn’t pursue further education.. basically, I messed up big time, am in a retail job I dislike, few thousand in debt - how do I not hate myself? How can I not think about how different the last 3 years would have been if I didn’t win my first ever accumulator bet with a last 33 second goal in the football that got me hooked with the adrenaline? It feels tough.

I’ve had different username on this site over the years because I just forget the passwords but I want to thank those who gave me advice in my darkest hours. It’s still pretty dark in here but I can finally see some light people were talking about.

(By the way, I’m not overlooking the fact my GAMSTOP expires in 5 months. I know I mentioned I love the game poker, but hate my degenerative sports betting ways. This seriously needs addressing before GAMSTOP expires so I don’t fall back into a hole of sportsbetting riddled debt because I decided to continue playing poker, so any advice on this would be great?)

love to all <3

Posted : 31st July 2020 12:54 am

Gamstop a real good tool , we get so many people wanting to stop but don’t register??????? I did the same made excuses not to register, tried 4/5 times it didn’t recognise me, it can be a pain .

To be hard anyone who really wants to stop there really is no excuse not to join. Please tell me why not if I’m wrong.

im as guilty as anyone , because I played give up games for 20 years. Still fighting every day , but if didn’t have gamstop , I wouldn’t be still gambling free.

take care all

Posted : 31st July 2020 9:18 am

Well done for 25 days gamble free. If registering for Gamstop for six months was the best thing you've done, why not extend it to a year, two or five? If you can accept that you can't gamble just extend the term.


Posted : 31st July 2020 10:53 am

Even 6 month is good. I have now been free for a year.

Posted : 4th August 2020 3:59 pm
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