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I’ve done 29 days gamble free, posting as today has been a struggle for me. Quite a few urges to gamble more than any other day so far. So I’m reminding myself of all the good things no gambling has brought me so far:

more time with my children, felt mentally better, achieved things around the house, improved overall mood, cooked some nice meals, sleeping better, not obsessing over money. 

I have gamstop, a supportive wife and shear determination to beat this. I’m glad I managed to deal ok with a tough day. Keep fighting everyone, 30 days gamble free tomorrow 🙂

Posted : 28th February 2021 6:42 pm

Congratulations on 29 days. Also thank you for being so honest. I’m 20 days in and so far been ok. I have all the blocks as you do. One day at a time 

Posted : 28th February 2021 7:27 pm

Hello HA

Keep focusing and do not let these urges fester. They are FALSE urges based on chemical addiction.

Keep talking it through. Talk about it to your loved ones. Try and talk through a gambling session in detail to a NON gambler. You should be realising by now that it makes absolutely no sense.

It wasnt even a fair challenge as all the risk was with you. You were not sticking it to the man...they didnt care about you either way but they knew they could get your money quite easily. If we could ever have worried them they would have refused our bet.....get me? Impossible when we are up against multi million dollar hedge funds.

I have just been comparing what I can buy with the money I used to throw away on one gambling session. I have bought some amazing things that give unlimited pleasure like a new radio, parts to upgrade my bike. music, books, some medical quality bathroom scales...the list is very long and Ive still got money left over

Compare that with chucking money away on gambling and its a no brainer how ill and deluded I used to be.

Keep those blocks strong. I have no urges now...why would I? Its an utter mugs game and a monumental scam. Im never complacent though and thats where I draw much of my strength from.

Life doesnt seen fair! Get used to it because gambling is not the answer.

If youve got some spending money, a warm room and a loving family you are doing pretty well .

Best wishes from everyone on the forum


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Posted : 28th February 2021 7:41 pm

Thank you and keep going too. It’s a challenge but we have blocks and can now see a future!

Posted : 28th February 2021 7:48 pm

Thanks joydivider I’ve been here before over the last 2 years, admittedly I wasn’t ready to stop but I am now. I’m tired and beaten up by this addiction. It’s taken enough from me and couldn’t continue. I dread to think how much money I have lost over the years but I’m looking forward and not backwards. I have so many lovely things money provides my family with and I can’t afford to give these thieves my money any longer. 
It’s a mug game alright. I’m 34 and young enough to repair my damage and look to the future. Appreciate your advice 

Posted : 28th February 2021 7:52 pm

Really well done sounds like doing great .Although gamstop doesnt help me as my issue was trading/crypto, can see how it benefits ppl that use it.Out of the triangle of time access money , ive literally no access to money and trying to fill time , the access i cant block apart from having no internet/electronic  device.well done again , i used to have urges previously and remember how bad they are and hard to fight.

Posted : 1st March 2021 7:55 pm

great words @joydivider and wise advice , good reminder for me all reading it , thank you also.

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Posted : 1st March 2021 7:57 pm

Hi hiddenaddict, well done for posting here during this time and hugely well done for 29 days, no mean feat.

You must remember that urges are only temporary and that you must "ride the storm"; keep your mind occupied with other positive, constructive things and those feelings will lessen over time.

Some people come here when they have lost everything. It sounds like you have a wonderful family; if the urges get too strong, think of where you will be if you fall again. Winning money will only make you crave the same feeling much more, usually at higher stakes. Losing money will only make you enormously desperate to recoup what you have lost, so it is a lose-lose scenario for you and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Well done again my friend, excellent work

Posted : 3rd March 2021 11:11 am
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