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Totally lost.  


Im 50 years old.Im a white working class male, working full time in unskilled job, and single.I like to see myself as quite an intelligent, empathic person, so my gambling addiction is absolute madness.Basically for as long as I can remember I have been a fruit machine addict.But now it has spiralled out of control. I have debts of £10,000+, and crazy apr loans.So its a constant vicious circle of poverty.The adrenalin of getting ready to go drink and play fruit machines,onc"e ive been payed is euthoric.But as you lnow it always ends in a deep depression , and financially ruined till the next payday.Struggling just to be able to feed myself.Suicide has been in my thoughts quite often recently. I have decided to try gamblers anonymous next Tuesday evening.I thought connecting with people, who have this sickness , could give me the strength to stop. Im feeling very alone, and sad. Rich.

Posted : 9th October 2019 12:56 am
Forum admin

Dear @richardlor


I am sorry to hear you are feeling like this. You are not alone, I would really encourage you to get in contact with one of our advisers on helpline (0808 802 0133) or netline, we are available for 24 hours a day, seven days week, so we can  offer you some further support. 

You have taken a really positive step by reaching out to us on the forum and getting in touch with Gamblers Anonymous. 

I look forward to hearing from you, 

Take care 

Forum Admin


Posted : 9th October 2019 5:41 am

Hi Richard,

Welcome to the forum.

I can sympathise with your story and situation. Also, I respect your courage for coming here to seek help like I and so many others have done before you.

I see many success stories on this forum. People like you and me who were suffering came here before us and managed to turn their lives around. I absolutely believe that can happen to us. 

I try to read as much as I can on here seeking real motivation and guidance. I have no doubt you are an intelligent and hard working man and gambling hinders your happiness and your thoughts and the general well being that you seek in your life. We can change that and I don’t even think it has to be that difficult. For me, I’m trying to focus on change and whilst doing that I’m trying to see the benefits that this and not gambling can bring to my life. It’s only been two weeks for me but already I worry slightly less than I did two weeks ago. I sleep slightly better, I read slightly more, I exercise slightly more and I feel slightly better. Two weeks and I’ve experienced slight improvement. What improvement will come after two months and then two years. I can only imagine. No matter how slight it may be now I realsise it’s getting better and that’s enough encouragement. I’ve made the decision to stop gambling, work at making small improvements and I’m getting excited about where this might take me. I hope that you set out on your path towards a better life. It’s within you and you deserve it.

Good luck. Take care.


Posted : 9th October 2019 10:56 pm

Hi Rich.. your not alone mate. Am much the same. Addicted to slots. Similar age. Similar levels of debt. Low paid job. Single. Life is a struggle, lurching from one crisis to the next. At times everything feels a bit hopeless.

Am guessing that you understand why you do what you do? When gambling you switch off from life and all your problems. Whilst in action you have freedom from yourself and how you feel about yourself. That's what makes it so hard to stop, cos when you stop life comes back together with all the new problems you have just created by the current gambling session.

Anything that you do that helps you lift your self esteem will help you to stop gambling. Jogging helps me.. the feel good without the financial loss. GA sounds like good idea, talk and listen with others who have followed or are still following  the same path. get some support. Also try and limit your access to money when feeling vulnerable. If the money isn't available you cant gamble it. Also read and write on the site. Good therapy. help others whilst helping yourself. 

Time to stop. Same goes for me. All the best... S.A

Posted : 10th October 2019 7:54 pm
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