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Today is the first day I will not gamble in years. I’m so scared and anxious and can’t stop crying.  


I have suddenly realised that I have to change before my life is completely ruined. Would be helpful is anyone else is feeling the same and any tips to cope with feeling so emotional. I’m super scared for the hard days ahead. 

Posted : 17th October 2020 7:39 am

Hi poppy, welcome to gamcare. How are you feeling now? Stopping gambling is so hard and brings so many different emotions. It's like a rollercoaster, and many people in recovery relapse, but also many don't. The early days are so hard but there is plenty of support to help you. If you haven't already , you can speak to an advisor bon here by ringing them , if you can't face talking that way, there's also the netline. They can put you down for counselling amongst other things. How do you gamble, is it online? 


Posted : 17th October 2020 11:00 am

Hey poppy, I'm sorry you feel so rough, it will get better. What have you put in place to help you stop gambling? Initially when you give up you do feel really anxious/depressed but time away gambling will help you to see things clearer , don't give up hope you can get through this. Tell us a bit more about yourself if you feel up to it 

Posted : 17th October 2020 11:08 am

Hi Poppy, well done for making that first step. Please remember that no matter how succesful other peoples stories seem we all started on day 1 feeling anxious, emotional and very upset so be proud for making the start. What's important is what happens next so make the most of the help and support you can get from here and those close to you. If your gambling is online have you registerd with Gamstop? also would recommend putting a blocker on your devices, I use betblocker. These will stop you being able to gamble if the urge comes. Don't think too far ahead, if you wake up tomorrow having not gambled take the positive that you got through and aim for the same again. It's a lifelong thing what we are all trying to achieve so every day is a step in the right direction.

Good luck!


Posted : 17th October 2020 2:31 pm

Good evening people, 

I would just like to tell you my story. 
I am 38 & have been gambling heavily for 6 years & lost approximately 100k. 
I have always bet from a young age on fixed odds football but only £5 a week & always has it under control. 
But something changed & I found myself betting higher stakes & before I know it I was hooked. I had always been so good with saving money, how can my life change to be a wreckless gambling addict!! 
I have probably lost around 30k in the last 6 months due to now using the casinos online on roulette & Blackjack & will eventually lose everything I have if I don’t stop this!! 
I have 30k of loans left to pay & have borrowed 50k on my mortgage. 
Can anyone else relate to this? 

Posted : 17th October 2020 7:08 pm

Hi Poppy456, how are you getting on? I joined this site 4 years ago but slipped back into bad habits and have hit rock bottom again. Day 1 today. I'm glad the forum is still running and plan to use it daily. It helps realising you're not alone. Hope you're doing OK. 

Posted : 19th October 2020 4:27 pm
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