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Scratchcards need to stop


Hi everyone my names chantelle and im 32..for a few years i have been buying scratchcards  but i need to stop,something in me as just snapped. I don't have much money I'm a mum to two amazing girls ..broken cooker broken washer and still spent £50 this morning on online cards..its always the today it might be big..i just can't keep doing it but i can't help it 😥 my partner doesnt know about the online cards or how many i buy from the shop i just feel like a failure and I'm ashamed of myself  

Topic starter Posted : 20th January 2022 11:29 am
kris j h

Hi chantelle can u not put a block if you buying cards online I know its hard but by doing this it will help reduce your spending ..can you not tell your partner about the situation. ? Would they not try help support you if they knew you were admitting u have a problem with the scratchcards it might help to talk to them.. coming on here may help you aswell your not on your own sometimes reading similar stories help. I wish you luck chantelle

Posted : 21st January 2022 1:22 am

@kris-j-h thank you for taking the time to reply..i put on a block before joining here i really want to tell my partner but he suffers with mental health issues ..he as emotionally unstable personality disorder..dipoleramongst others and is just starting to get alot better i think the stress of caring for him my 2 girls and my nan alone as not helped me ..not blaming them this is completely all me 

Topic starter Posted : 21st January 2022 9:25 am

Hi Chantelle, 

It's okay to open up, I've found that the hardest but it allows a massive weight off your shoulder. For your case try someone who will help then slowly let your partner know perhaps, that's just my opinion.

But for the cards and online, you could either go into the online banking app or website or the branch and ask them to block gambling restrictions.

Posted : 21st January 2022 6:20 pm

Gamstop Chantelle you need to do it 

because you are under so much pressure that’s when this disease is at its worst and seems to be most virulent if you could do the Gamstop thing and come on here to talk if you can’t talk to yr other half for now , you know you’ve got to make a change somewhere you’ve reached out on here well done you’re not alone , the feelings of shame are what this disease does to you, until the next time like you say today might be the day, but the reality is the only way to win is not to play at all for people like us , good luck hope to see you here again soon even if you relapse make sure you come back 

Posted : 22nd January 2022 11:36 pm

Hi Chantelle1089 and Welcome 

There is no shame in facing this and starting a recovery by talking to people and seeking help 

Believe me it's not your fault and I hate the gambling dens for what they push on people 

It fast becomes a drug addiction and they are pushers. Nobody has been protecting us because the government are in on the tax grab

Gambling in all its forms is highly addictive to many people so you should take some comfort from realising it's not just you.

Gambling is not the answer to what you seek. It's not a monthly top up scheme or any reliable chance of just isn't and with a full recovery you will start to heal and realise that they make money by essentially misleading people 

The majority of problem gamblers are ignoring the odds based on a false hope or an escape from life's problems 

Please tell your family and get your money protected to start the cold turkey 

Make no mistake it's like a drug addiction and the cold turkey may have to be helped upon you as you will find it very difficult to do alone 

The forum is always here to help you with the tried and trusted advice 

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 23rd January 2022 1:45 am
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